Decursive 2.0 BETA 7 (RAR)


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    May 19, 2007
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 2.0.1


- Live-list system entirely rewritten. - The scale and transparency of the live-list can be changed in the options. - A message is displayed if the user clicks on the live-list... - It is possible to hear Decursive's debuff alert sound when the live-list is disabled. - Decursive uses SpecialEvent-Aura events to monitor debuffs. - You can create a virtual debuff to test the display (see in live-list options) - The MiniMap and FuBar Decursive Icon is now clickable and an information
 tool-tip is displayed when mouse-overing it.
- Decursive Icon gets grey when both the live-list and MUFs are disabled. - Added Major Dreamless Sleep to the debuff skip list (Translation is needed for other localizations)
Fixed bug: - The status tool-tip was not displayed if the live-list was hidden. - Warlock pet detection could fail in some conditions. - Default Warrior ignored debuffs were not used because of a spelling mistake. - If you were already in combat when logging-in or if you reloaded your UI in
 combat, Decursive was unable to operate correctly.
- Other little bugs were fixed.