Decursive 2.0 BETA 6-fix (RAR)


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    Mar 11, 2007
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  • 2.0.6


Decursive 2.0 BETA 6-Pub-fixed by Archarodim
Changes from Decursive 2.0 BETA 6-Pub to Decursive 2.0 BETA 6-Pub-fixed - Fixed several problems with the curing order priority system.
Changes from Decursive 2.0 BETA 5 to 2.0 BETA 6-Pub
   # Important changes:
- Now you need to press Alt to move the MUFs clicking the handle. - Now a border is displayed around the MUFs, its color depends on the unit's class. - When a unit is charmed, a small green square is displayed inside its MUF. - A new static option panel is available by ALT-RIGHT-CLICKING on the handle or typing /dcroptions (Ace2 Waterfall library). - Added two new sets of options:
   - Class border and center transparency can be set separately.
   - Spacing between MUFs can be changed.
- Paladin always uses Cleanse instead of Purify (if they learned Cleanse). - There is no longer a default key bound to the macro, this caused too many problems with people not knowing how to change it. - You can bind a key to show/hide the micro-unit frames. - In the debuff filtering system, you can now ignore a debuff permanently and not only when in combat.
   # Minor changes:
- MUFs display can be reversed (they will display from bottom to top instead of top to bottom). - The Readme.txt file has been reworked to be more clear, "FEATURES" and "FAQ" sections have been added. - Warlock's spell priorities are saved when they change of pet. - The focus MUF now disappear when the player clear the focus with "/clearfocus". - Fix a bug that caused unit unable to cure magic on magic-charmed unit to see a curable magic debuff on these units. - You can fill your priority/skip list with Paladins and Shamans correctly. - Added spacers in MUFs option menu for better readability. - The missing macro binding error message will not be shown if a global binding is available. - Minor code optimizations and bug fixes.