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Decursive 2.0 BETA 5 by Archarodim Changes from Decursive 2.0 BETA 4 to 2.0 BETA 5 - Fix a bug that caused the loss of per-character bindings. - Added a new debuff type: 'Charm' that applies to charmed units so mages can see all charmed units ; previously they could only see charmed units with a magical debuff (as priests). (This need testing, the situation is difficult to reproduce) - Added an option to change the transparency (Alpha) of the MUFs when a unit is not afflicted, it can be set to 0 to be completely transparent. - The micro unit frames (MUFs) are set to a lower strata. - "Arcane Blast" will no longer be shown as a Debuff. - Added full French localization by Sylvin - Added full Korean localization by Fenlis - Fixed typos in localization.lua and added a missing option description.
Changes from Decursive 2.0 BETA 3 to 2.0 BETA 4 - Changed the minimum number of MUF per row to 1 - The 'Show Help' option also disable the handle tool-tip - The focused unit won't be scanned if it's unfriendly (you won't see it in the MUFs nor in the live-list). - The macro binding function has been enhanced, it correctly unbinds previously mapped key and restores previously mapped action and
 displays messages when a mapping succeed/fails or replace a currently mapped action.
- Added an option to not show out of range units in the live-list (enabled by default). - On non-English client, the key is set to "NONE" in the localization files so Decursive will display a warning to the user. - Babble-Spell library has been updated, Spanish spells should be supported. - Decursive is now available on SVN
Changes from Decursive 2.0 BETA 2 to 2.0 BETA 3 - Fix the huge memory consumption of the scanning functions. - Fix a problem with the macro that was not updated if the macro frame was opened. - Fix some options in the menus that were not propagated correctly. - Code optimization. - Added a note in the readme.txt file about how to change the default key bound to the macro. Changes from Decursive 2.0 BETA 1 to 2.0 BETA 2 - Fix Micro-Unit-Frames (MUFs) display: the first time you log on, the MUFs are displayed to a reachable place instead of the top left corner of your screen. - Fix the LUA error message that occurred when you had all your macro spot used. - The handle to move the MUFs (above the first MUF) now highlights when mouse-overred, a tooltip has been added. - Fix a huge bug in the priority and skip list management causing a variable number of unit to not be displayed in the MUFs if your lists were not empty. - MUFs scaling functions have been improved. - The readme.txt file has been updated.
Changes from Decursive to 2.0 BETA 1 User significant changes: - Debuff removal capability restored in several ways: - By clicking on-micro unit frames created by Decursive for a user-defined number of players.
       - By mouse-overring units or unit frames and pushing a user-defined keyboard key.
- Read the readme file to know more about these changes - Priority list management:
	- Now fully operational, you can very easily change player positions in the list
- List display has been very improved (scrollbars, colors...) - Priority list order defines the order of the micro-unit frames displayed - The option window has been removed: - All options are accessed through a drop down menu appearing when right-clicking on "Decursive" bar. (DewDrop Ace2Lib) - Every menu entries has a small explanation tooltip. - All options can be accessed through command line (AceConsole Ace2Lib) - Debuff skipping management - Users can easily add/delete debuffs to ignore on specific classes while in combat - Mage can sheep mind-controlled units (if other classes are interested, their spell can be added on request) - The readme.txt file has been rewritten and should be read of course. Internal changes: - Decursive was almost entirely rewritten and reorganized (the live list system has not been redisigned yet) - New code architecture, more ressource efficient and more scalable. - Decursive is now an ACE2 add-on using ACE2 embeded libraries.