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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 5.0.5



  • Localization: Changed the description displayed in the Live-list's option panel giving much more detail about its use and configuration.

  • Added the 'Create a virtual test affliction' option in the live-list's option panel to help users to set it up properly.

  • Use a cleverer throttling when dealing with mass debuffing event

  • The "Decursive" bar had become the "BINDING_HEADER_DECURSIVE" bar

  • Fix "Dcr_Events.lua:626 attempt to index field "IsStealthBuff" (a nil value)" introduced in last commit

  • Refactoring and improvement of the debugging report code so it's completely independent of Decursive's core. It's now able to report problems happening when parsing Decursive's files.

  • Refactoring of the initialization code so it's organized and clean and vicious runtime errors can be caught by Decursive's debugger (such as when another add-on breaks AceAddon...).

  • General cleanup (to be continued)

  • The Monk class button was doing nothing in the prio/skip list interface

  • Fix a rare race condition Lua error when MUFs are located at the top of the screen that could happen when displaying a MUF's tool-tip while the raid roster is being changed.

  • Same fix as for the LiveList's objects creation (only increase MUF objects count after an object is actually created)

  • Fix a logic issue in LiveList object creation to better handle a rare race condition issue that might happen for people running the game at the breaking speed of 1fps: The factory will not increase the object number before the object is actually created in case the object creation is interrupted by a 'script ran too long' exception.

  • Added timer reference name to debug messages when a Lua exception occurs within a timer. For easier debugging.

  • Display a warning every two days if Decursive has been older than WoW for more than 40 days and also disable debug reports in this case. (new string to translate).

  • Some cleanup.

  • Precautions when using GetAddOnMetadata().

  • Strengthened Decursive's installation self integrity check (better report when a file is missing/fails and include 'embeds.xml' in the check)

  • Test if WoW's version is less than X-Min-Interface and refuse to initialize if true

  • Removed all pre-MOP compatibility layers

  • Removed a useless chat message (displayed at login) about the obsolete /dcrshow. (some locals are affected and need reviewing)

  • The 'Script ran too long' issue on PlaySoundFile() WoW API wasn't properly 'hidden' in the previous release. Now Decursive will eat the error and print a 'Ding!' message in the chat when this error occurs. The error will not bubble past Decursive unless you have BugSack installed in which case the error will be reported via BugSack.
    Decursive now always uses a special PlaySoundFile() safe call when playing a sound.

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