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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 10.2.7


Decursive 2.7.19

Decursive 2.7.19 (2024-05-10)

  • Cataclysm: fix Druid Nature's Cure talent detection.

  • Show a checkbox in the main option panel when the MUF's handle was hidden using the /dcr related command to make it easily visible again.

  • TOC update for 10.2.7

Decursive 2.7.18 (2024-05-02)

  • Cataclysm compatibility update. There might be some other necessary fixes, update issue #23 on GitHub if you find anything.

  • Fix expired version false alert in Retail.

  • Update TOC for classic.

Decursive 2.7.17 (2024-03-21)

  • Fix spell detection for 10.2.6. Thanks to Jardragon901 and Meivyn for their help in fixing this!

Decursive 2.7.16 (2024-02-19)

Since 10.2.5, Blizzard deprecated some long standing optimized APIs to get buffs and debuffs from units and replaced them with new APIs that have the downside effect of 'garbage-leaking' memory every time they are called (for Lua devs, they create a new table each time they return data on a buff/debuff and we cannot provide them with a table to use...).

This release of Decursive completely fixes memory usage when the "Show stealth status" option is used (on by default) which was the main cause of the huge memory usage increase since 10.2.5.

However, memory usage is still increased compared to before WoW 10.2.5 was released when some units have ongoing debuffs, fixing this is complicated because it touches the core of Decursive written more than 10 years ago.

Thus, new settings were added in the Micro Unit Frames performance options to control the global periodic unit rescan which is the main culprit regarding this increased memory usage and may in fact no longer be necessary for Decursive to work:

  • Debuff periodic full scan
  • Periodic scan debuf report

We need to test if we can go without this periodic rescan, you can set the setting to 0 in order to disable it completely or increase the delay between scans to a high value (10s) and enable the Periodic scan debug reporting options. This will create a debug report that will pop out after a fight if the scan function detected something that was not detected by the event system.

This periodic rescan may still be required by some very specific debuffs but I'm not sure that this is the case anymore.

Note that if you did not notice anything performance-wize since 10.2.5 with Decursive, you can ignore the above.

WoW classic and WoTLK are not affected by this issue (yet)

Decursive 2.7.15 (2024-01-21)

  • Fix Lua error when bleed default keywords are empty.

  • Fix bleed effect keywords defaults detection for non ASCII locals. Users should check if the defaults are correct, if they are not please open a new issue: Open the option panel (/decursive in chat), and head to curingoptions -> Bleed effects management to check the default keywords.

  • TOC update for 10.2.5

Decursive 2.7.14 (2023-12-18)

  • Fix spell detection in classic versions of WoW when "Show all spells ranks" option is not checked in WoW's spell book UI.

  • The blacklist can now be disabled completely by setting the "Seconds on the Blacklist" option to 0.

  • Fix problem with Decursive' message frame preventing the new Pinging WoW feature to work when clicking through this invisible frame.

  • Support for improved purify talent which is now required for priests to be able to cure diseases with Purify (WoW Retail).

Decursive 2.7.12 (2023-11-08)

  • TOC update for Retail

New Way to support Decursive: If you are an ADA/Cardano holder you can delegate your stake to my pool: anfra.io

Decursive 2.7.11 (2023-10-22)

  • TOC update for Wrath

Decursive 2.7.10 (2023-09-12)

  • Add support for Bleed Effects detection:
    • Decursive scans the debuffs with no type for particular keywords ('Physical' and 'Bleed' by default) in their description.
    • The debuffs are automatically added to a list the user can edit under the curing options (it is recommanded to review this list for non-English locales).

Many thanks to Teelolws for prototyping this solution and to Xadras for their suggestions and follow-ups about the user editable list. Their contributions made this solution possible.

Report any problem found with this new feature in issue #248 on wowace.com.

  • Decursive will remember the priority of types when the associated spells disappear as long as the user does not change the priorities. The default priorities are displayed in blue instead of green. As it is today active spells will always be put on top whenever the user changes the settings and lost abilities will be put at the end keeping their former order.

  • Some layout changes in the MUFs option panel to make it more comfy.

  • WoW Classic: Fix detection of Dispel Magic Rank 2 for Priests.

Decursive (2023-07-16)

  • Fix Improved Purify Spirit talent detection for resto shamans.

  • Remove new DF shaman spells from Classic versions

  • TOC updates

Decursive (2023-05-30)

  • TOC update for WoW 10.1 with icon support

  • Shamans (Dragonflight):

    • Add cleansing totem support.
    • Fix Purify Spirit to only cure curses when Improved Purify Spirit talent is not detected.

Decursive (2023-04-02)

  • TOC Updates

  • WotLK:Fix GetItemCooldown() Lua error

  • WoW 10.1.0 (PTR): Fix GetAddOnMetadata Lua error

Decursive 2.7.9 (2023-02-25)

  • Add support for by-specialization-profiles thanks to libDualSpec-1.0.

  • Keep specific curing order for each class specialization (instead of just for each class).

  • Add an option to hide Decursive's MUFs in raids.

  • Decursive text anchor can be moved again.

  • Do not report errors thrown in libraries embedded by Decursive on systems using '/' as directory separator.

For older versions changes, see OldChangelog.txt