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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.0.6


    - - Custom spell input errors are now also displayed in Decursive default communication frames so they can be seen when using Blizzard's option panels.
    - - Added the possibility to change the '/StopCasting' parameter in the custom spells option panel. (checked by default, to uncheck if the spell is cast by your pet)
    - - Add the number of Lua errors unrelated to Decursive to the formatted error report (Errors happening after Decursive is loaded)
    - Decursive will not forward errors to Blizzard's debug tools when those errors are happening inside Decursive, since Decursive's error report already display them.
    - - Changed 'Cure order', MUF's 'mouse buttons' and 'Colors' explanations and option names so users can actually understand what those option panels really do (now they speak in term of cure priority instead of mouse button assignment...).
    - When an option panel's options are disabled because the player is in combat, a red warning text clearly says so.
    - WARNING TO MY DEAR TRANSLATORS: Some phrases were drastically changed, they need to be completely re-translated (concerned phrases have been marked for review).
    - - FIX: Default custom spells couldn't be permanently removed. - FIX: Bad spell input errors where not localized (triggering a Lua error). Now proper information is displayed for each kind of error. - FIX: Removing a custom spell in use was not triggering a reconfiguration. - FIX: Decursive will no longer trigger useless reconfigurations when making changed to an unavailable spell.
    - - Spell link and spellID can be used as input in custom spell UI.
    - Added English and French localization to the custom spell configuration interface.
    - Custom spells are now class specific (stored in the class' profile).
    - Cure options are now tabbed to fit in Blizzard configuration UI.
    - Custom spell UI is now feature complete, everything should be working.
    - - Implemented Graphical UI to add user custom spells (under Curing options), still need polishing and basic localization but it should work.
    - Avoid a Lua error when using the command line to access the MUFs' color settings (AceConfigCmd has troubles with info[#info-1] which is not set to the correct leaf).
    - Includes latest alpha of BugGrabber which fixes some issues.
    - - Also intercept errors reported by libraries (AceLocal) - Re-applied hotfix to Blizzard's ScriptErrorsFrameScrollFrameText.cursorOffset which is still nil sometimes... (this sucks!)
    - - Decursive self-debugger was not handling ADDON_FORBIDDEN error events correctly when errorObject.locals was nil and was not reporting anything. - Fix potential issue in error forwarding
    - - Fix: it was no longer possible to resize the live-list or change its opacity
    - - forgot to remove a fail test in last commit.
    - - Proper UI error forwarding to default Blizzard UI error handler.
    - - Also listen to BugGrabber_EventGrabbed
    - - Added support for user configured spells, UI is not done yet - Added BugGraber status to generated reports.
    - - Decursive now embeds and uses BugGrabber to capture errors happening inside its own code base
    - - Removed deprecated frame declared in Decursive.xml

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