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    Mar 16, 2011
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.0.6


    - - FIX: Default custom spells couldn't be permanently removed. - FIX: Bad spell input errors where not localized (triggering a Lua error). Now proper information is displayed for each kind of error. - FIX: Removing a custom spell in use was not triggering a reconfiguration. - FIX: Decursive will no longer trigger useless reconfigurations when making changed to an unavailable spell.
    - - Spell link and spellID can be used as input in custom spell UI.
    - Added English and French localization to the custom spell configuration interface.
    - Custom spells are now class specific (stored in the class' profile).
    - Cure options are now tabbed to fit in Blizzard configuration UI.
    - Custom spell UI is now feature complete, everything should be working.
    - - Implemented Graphical UI to add user custom spells (under Curing options), still need polishing and basic localization but it should work.
    - Avoid a Lua error when using the command line to access the MUFs' color settings (AceConfigCmd has troubles with info[#info-1] which is not set to the correct leaf).
    - Includes latest alpha of BugGrabber which fixes some issues.
    - - Also intercept errors reported by libraries (AceLocal) - Re-applied hotfix to Blizzard's ScriptErrorsFrameScrollFrameText.cursorOffset which is still nil sometimes... (this sucks!)
    - - Decursive self-debugger was not handling ADDON_FORBIDDEN error events correctly when errorObject.locals was nil and was not reporting anything. - Fix potential issue in error forwarding
    - - Fix: it was no longer possible to resize the live-list or change its opacity
    - - forgot to remove a fail test in last commit.
    - - Proper UI error forwarding to default Blizzard UI error handler.
    - - Also listen to BugGrabber_EventGrabbed
    - - Added support for user configured spells, UI is not done yet - Added BugGraber status to generated reports.
    - - Decursive now embeds and uses BugGrabber to capture errors happening inside its own code base
    - - Removed deprecated frame declared in Decursive.xml

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