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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 10.2.5


Decursive -Ace3-

2.7.15-2-g7efd8dd (2024-01-26)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • work on issue #20: Add settings in MicroUnit Frames performance options to control the global periodic debuff rescan
    We need to test if we can go without this periodic rescan, you can set the setting to 0 in order to disable it completely or increase the delay between scans to a high value (10s) and enable the "Periodic scan debug reporting" options. This will create a debug report that would pop out after a fight if the scan function detected something that was not detected by the event system.
    NOTE: Currently changing the curing options (directly or indirectly through ability changes may trigger this report - next alpha versions will prevent this)
  • Fix UnitBuff deprecation impact on memory usage (garbage leak) when the check for stealth option is used.
    In 10.2.5 UnitBuff and acolytes were deprecated and are falling back to calling the new C_UnitAuras API functions which create a new Lua table each time they return something and thus, leak memory... (if only we could provide those functions with a table to use... sigh)
    This is a work in progress, more work is needed. In 10.2.5, Decursive will still leak memory as soon as there are debuffs on units... This update fix the idle case which was probably the worst since buffs are long lasting and on all units all the time.