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    Nov 7, 2010
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.0.1


    - - Fix Priority and skip list mouse button handling, it was no longer possible to move units in those lists.
    - - added some more debug info to a very rare exception
    - - Pet's MUFs are now smaller (needs testing).
    - - Hidden a Lua error when typing "/dcr microframeopt mufsmousebuttons" apparently when using command line on a select, info[#info] is set to the parent instead of the current leaf.
    - Typing /Decursive is now opening the config UI instead of printing a yellowish message *sigh*
    - The configurable key-binding to open the config UI was broken since the conversion to Ace3 (Bindings.xml was still referencing WaterFall)
    - - When checking other's version, their name will be colored according to their class
    - - Added a notice message for those using Decursive in an unpackaged state mentioning all the disadvantages and problems involved. (Message will be displayed once every 24 hours).

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