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Supported WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic Versions

  • 3.4.2


Decursive 2.7.10 Beta 1

Decursive 2.7.10 Beta 1 (2023-09-03)

  • Add support for Bleed Effects detection:
    • Decursive scans the debuffs with no type for particular keywords ('Physical' and 'Bleed' by default) in their description.
    • The debuffs are automatically added to a list the user can edit under the curing options (it is recommanded to review this list for non-English locales).

Many thanks to Teelolws for prototyping this solution and to Xadras for their suggestions and follow ups about the user editable list. Their contributions made this solution possible.

Report any problem found with this new feature in issue #248 on wowace.com.

  • Decursive will remember the priority of types when the associated spells disappear as long as the user does not change the priorities. The default priorities are displayed in blue instead of green. As it is today active spells will always be put on top whenever the user changes the settings and lost abilities will be put at the end keeping their former order.

  • Some layout changes in the MUFs option panel to make it more comfy.

New Way to support Decursive: If you are an ADA/Cardano holder you can delegate your stake to my pool: anfra.io

Decursive (2023-07-16)

  • Fix Improved Purify Spirit talent detection for resto shamans.

  • Remove new DF shaman spells from Classic versions

  • TOC updates

Decursive (2023-05-30)

  • TOC update for WoW 10.1 with icon support

  • Shamans (Dragonflight):

    • Add cleansing totem support.
    • Fix Purify Spirit to only cure curses when Improved Purify Spirit talent is not detected.

Decursive (2023-04-02)

  • TOC Updates

  • WotLK:Fix GetItemCooldown() Lua error

  • WoW 10.1.0 (PTR): Fix GetAddOnMetadata Lua error

Decursive 2.7.9 (2023-02-25)

  • Add support for by-specialization-profiles thanks to libDualSpec-1.0.

  • Keep specific curing order for each class specialization (instead of just for each class).

  • Add an option to hide Decursive's MUFs in raids.

  • Decursive text anchor can be moved again.

  • Do not report errors thrown in libraries embedded by Decursive on systems using '/' as directory separator.

Decursive (2022-12-13)

  • Cauterizing Flame is no longer considered better than Expunge.

  • Update CallBackHandler library to revision 8

Decursive (2022-11-28)

  • Add support for the Evoker class and their Expunge (Poison) and Cauterizing Flame (Poison, Disease, Curse) as well as the Naturalize enhancement of the Expunge spell (Poison, Magic).

  • WotLK: Added "Mutating Injection" to the "harmful debuff" list instead of the ignore list. You'll hear a sound and a warning will be displayed whenever your mouse cursor enters within a MUF with the Mutating Injection debuff.

Decursive (2022-10-27)

  • Fix LUA error with LDB's tooltip creation.

Decursive (2022-10-26)

  • TOC update for Dragonflight + fix XML error.

  • WOTLK: Fix Body and Soul talent handling.

Decursive (2022-09-22)

  • WOTLK:
    • Fix Shaman's "Cleanse Spirit", Fellhunter's "Devour Magic" detection, Priests' "Body and Soul" talent detection.
    • Fix crash when adding custom pet spell by name in custom spell.

Decursive (2022-09-10)

  • WotLK: add missing spells for
    • Hunters: tranquilizing shot.
    • Shamans: Hex, Cleanse Spirit.
    • Priests: Dispell Magic (rank 1 is not detected once rank 2 is learned apparently...), Body and Soul talent detection (to cure poison on oneself).

Decursive (2022-09-04)

  • TOC updates

  • Compatible with WotLK (if you find any issue, please create a ticket.

Decursive (2022-06-12)

  • TOC updates

Decursive (2022-02-27)

  • TOC updates

Decursive (2021-11-12)

  • TOC + library update

  • Add more information when the version of BugGrabber is wrong (very old version) to help people to fix the issue by themselves.

Decursive (2021-07-04)

  • Retail TOC Update

Decursive (2021-05-20)

  • Fix WoW classic detection.

Decursive (2021-04-21)

  • Fix Backdrop issue in WoW 9 (priority and skip lists UI).

  • Fix for rare Dcr_DebuffsFrame.lua:1469: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Lua error.

  • Remove old unknown rank text when a spell cast fails.

Decursive 2.7.8 (2020-11-21)

  • Fix Mistweaver Detox detection.

  • Adding pet abilities as custom spells in Decursive is now possible again (Decursive used to crash with an integer overflow error).

  • WoW Classic: Fix pet abilities detection where only rank 1 could be detected.

  • Full Spanish translation (thank to Sugymaylis)

  • Full Barzilian Portuguese translation (thank to DarkbreakerSM)

  • Add Will Of The Forsaken to automatic spell detection.

  • Small enhancements to the custom spell interface.

Decursive (2020-10-18)

  • Prevent a damaged custom spell profile from crashing Decursive when loading.

  • Add some resiliency to Decursive initialisation phase to mitigate some third party add-ons' bugs preventing Decursive from loading.

  • In progress: Spanish localization by Sugymaylis.

  • TOC update for WoW 9.

Decursive 2.7.7 (2020-05-09)

  • It's now possible to change the color of the affliction types displayed in the MUF's tooltips and on the Live list. (see the "Colors" tab in the MUF option panel)

  • Use lighter blues by default for the "Magic" and "Enemy Magic" affliction types.

  • Revamped the Affliction filtering option panel to make it more intuitive and enforce the use of spell IDs to prevent non-working filters.

Decursive (2020-02-27)

  • TOC bumps to 11303 (classic) and 80300 (retail)

Decursive (2019-11-18)

  • Switch license back to GNU GPL V3. If you fork remember to change the report email address in Dcr_DIAG.lua via the ## X-eMail: tag in Decurive.toc file.

Decursive (2019-10-28)

  • TOC bump to 80205

Decursive (2019-09-13)

  • Compatible with WoW Classic. You need to use the "*-classic.zip" packages or install Decursive through Twitch.

If you encounter mismatched abilities in WoW Classic, please provide the class AND the spell along with any other relevant details, type /dcrdiag and follow the instructions displayed to send your report.

Also note that you can change the default spell mappings by typing /decursive and checking the "Allow internal macro editing..." checkbox in the "Custom spells / items" option tab and then re-adding the spell you want to use with Decursive.

Decursive (2019-07-07)

  • TOC update

Decursive (2019-01-07)

  • TOC update

Decursive (2018-08-10)

  • Prevent error reports from being created due to bad embedding of LibNameplateRegistry in other add-ons.

  • Fix email address in HHTD debug reports.

Decursive 2.7.6 (2018-07-22)

  • Fix WoW 8 compatibility issue where nothing was displayed on the MUFs.

  • Re-added Remove Curse for Mages.

  • Added Consume Magic for Demon Hunters and Spellsteal for Mages to remove magical mind-controlled effects on friendly units.

  • Added a graceful period of 10 seconds after startup before complaining about other add-ons errors as the new LUA_WARNING WoW 8 feature unveils many non-consequential errors in other add-ons.

For older versions changes, see OldChangelog.txt