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Supported WoW Classic Versions

  • 1.14.4


Decursive -Ace3- (2023-09-03)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • Update WhatsNew.md for 2.7.10 beta 1 release
  • reorganize bleed effect options a bit and add reset list to default button
  • Add Bleed Effect configuration to /dcrdiag command output
  • Optimize/simplify no-case pattern making
  • Automatically refresh the option panel when a bleed effect spell is added and its description is not cached yet.
    This avoids seeing a lingering red question mark near a Bleed Effect when opening the option panel for the first time.
  • Enhance before-last commit: deal properly with characters between [] when creating the ignore case patterns for keywords.
  • Do not auto detect bleed effects (populate the list) if no bleed curing ability is configured.
  • Bleed keywords: do not make a keyword case insensitive if a [] Lua pattern character class is present in the keyword.
    In this case it is the user responsibility to make it case insensitive. (generated pattern can be seen when debug is enabled with /dcr debug chat command)
  • Bleed keywords: remove non letter characters from _G.STRING_SCHOOL_PHYSICAL
  • Fix MUFs color settings order
  • Fix bug introduced in where un-checking a cure type had no longer any effect on actual behavior of Decursive
  • Add 7th priority for consistency and to avoid Lua errors
  • Use locale AceDB to store the bleed effect keywords
  • Fix Bleed cure option default setting
    The set cure order checker was setting missing entries to false instead of using their default priority
    • Use default values for bleed effect keywords as long as the user does not change them. This allows those values to change automatically to the correct locale.
    • Sanitize keywords input and harden against bad Lua patterns
  • TOC update for classic
  • Also look for 'Bleed' and make the 'Bleed Effect keywords' input multi-line (one keyword per line)
  • Fix Lua error (hopefully) when UnitDebuff() API returns a nil SpellID.
  • Cosmetic changes:
    • Set new bleed type color to something grayish closer to the color of Physical damages.
    • Re-arrange the MUFs option panel to use in-lining for display and advanced display options and alphabetical order for other option groups which are no longer tabbed.
    • Fix typo in localization
  • Adjustment to option panel texts
  • Fix funny mistake that prevented bleed detection from using the user specified bleed effect properly.
  • Fix debuf instead of debuff typo
    • Fix default bleed spell list and add comments with the spell names.
      copy paste mistake + re-adding Splintering Shards that, despite only dealing arcane damage is dispellable with Cauterizing Flame.
    • Fix change log which was committed too early.
  • Update change log
  • Finish implementing Bleed support, use C_Spell functions instead of a tool-tip to grab the descriptions.
  • Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/teelolws/decursive
  • Add Bleed support for Cauterizing Flame
  • Implement new Bleed effect management panel under the curing options.
  • Work on GitHub issue #14:
    Now Decursive will remember the priority of types when the associated spells disappear as long as the user does not change the priorities.
    The default priorities are displayed in blue instead of green.
    As it is today active spells will always be put on top whenever the user changes the settings and lost abilities will be put at the end keeping their former order.