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    Jul 14, 2010
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.3.5


    - - Added a command line only option to hide and disable the MUFs handle (/dcr HideMUFsHandle)
    - - Replaced getglobal() by _G[] in the oldest parts of Decursive
    - - Added Raid Target Icon display to the live-list.
    - Some tuning to live-list items anchoring.
    - - Set the test debuff to 2 applications
    - - Fix Raid icon display offset in MUF tool-tip and removed useless text
    - - Fix Debug function in combat event manager (could cause a Lua exception when debugging was enabled).
    - Optimized debug function calls in combat event manager.
    - - Tostring() the error in Decursive error Lua handler
    - - Raid target icons are now displayed in MUF tooltips.
    - - Removed the ERR_GENERIC_NO_TARGET debug report that happens when the player tries to use Polymorph or Purge on himself or another friendly player.
    - - Removed the French version of Readme and changelog plus an old useless file
    - - Probably fixed "LiveList:Update_Display(): couldn't get range" error occuring when not using the MUFs.

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