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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - - Dev version expiration alerts will be displayed only once evry 48 hours.
    - - Test for faction and unit type before checking version on current target (when the 'check other players' button is pushed).
    - - Implemented security to the version check system (add-on comm channel spam prevention)
    - Decursive allows only one version check per minute and per group (party, raid or battleground - all players receive version info).
        - Decursive won't reply more than once per minute to the same player. (prevent evil players from causing spam with crafted messages)
        - Decursive won't reply more than once per 5 seconds on the same channel (prevents race condition where several player would send a version check at the same time)
    - - NEW OPTION: "Time left" for chronmometers. (Defaults to off) Displays time left instead of time elapsed on afflicted MUFs.
    - - Fix memorial strata, some cleanup in related code.
    - - Version check was not working as intended outside of instances.
    - - It's now possible to check Decursive versions used in your current group or Guild (From the 'About' option panel).
    - - Added AceComm-3.0
    - - Decursive will not (or no longer) work for the specific player "Arados-Conseil des Ombres" (I don't want such [Insert appropriate word here] to benefit from my hard work.)
    - Code cleanup.
    - - Added a new option panel (under the MUF options) to let the user choose the MUF's mouse button assignments.
    - Some code cleanup and optimisation.
    - Typo fix in the documentation.
    - - If AceComm-3.0 is available, Decursive is able to reply with its version when asked by another player (prefix "DecursiveVersion" with "giveversion" as the message). Decursive replies on the distribution channel used for the query.
    - - Added a new option (under the general tab) to disable the three welcome messages Decursive prints at each login. (Localization required)
    - Changed order values since adding this option broke AceConfig (it doesn't like mixing positive and negative order values that much apparently)
    - - Reduce global usage using the new "local addonName, addonTable = ...;" thingy from WoW3.3
    - - Updated .TOC "Notes:" translations from the ABOUT_NOTES local.
    - - Set non-release version rexpiration to 30 days instead of 10.
    - - removed Unstable Affliction debugging test...
    - - The Unstable Affliction debuff warning will also work when tooltip display is disabled.
    - - Commented out the .pkgmeta 'optional-dependencies' section. (since what is listed here is not optional and prevented libraries to get reward points)

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