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tag 2.4.5
Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
2009-12-03 01:37:47 +0100

tagging as 2.4.5


    - - Actually display the local added in previous commit. Fix a typo in the doc.
    - - Preparations for 2.4.5 release.
    - Whatsnew update
    - Doc update
    - Added a local
    - - fix Decursive bar tooltip text
    - - Addded an 'About' option panel with various information on the Add-on.
    - Locals and typo fix
    - Updated credits with new translators
    - - Options management enhancements (correct behavior of the option panel when Decursive is disabled by command line)
    - Internal cleanup
    - Removed an old option
    - - fix a Lua error if Decursive gets enabled after being manually disabled by command line.
    - - Fix for bug reported in ticket #34
    - - Re-added  /dcr disable and /dcr enable commands
    - - Debuglocals is hooked only if Lua error reporting is enabled in the Blizz option UI and if BugGrabber isn't here. Lets hope Blizz will read this: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=21048546561
    - - Fix for Chamans: 'Cleans Spirit' was not replacing 'Cure Toxins', the two spells were both active and confusing for the user.
    - When Decursive reconfigures itself (due to talent swap for exemple) it triiggers a refresh of the options UI.
    - - Added the current version of Decursive to the 'General' option tab.
    - - Changed the message added to debug stack "Locals:" section when debuglocals() returns nothing to a better one. The message will not appear for current PTR or futur WoW versions (they fixed it apparently)
    - Fix typo in whatsnew.txt
    - - Fix: Macro key binding was reset on relog
    - - Updated WhatsNew.txt and QuoiDeNeuf.txt for 2.4.5 beta 1 release.
    - - Fix filter removal confirmation
    - Fix to some option width
    - - fix option table indenting and creation (it will be created only when Decursive is loaded and not when the source file is loaded)
    - - Fix some GLOBAL calls
    - - This is the fIrst Ace3 version available for early testing, everything should work. The new option UI should be tested.
    - Options reorganization, added an explanation in the cure options tab (new locals require translation)
    - Some code/comment cleaning
    - - Fix events handling
    - Re-added an option to enable/disable debugging output
    - - Fixed global space accidental pollution (thanks to "luac -p -l")
    - - Fix a big mistake concerning profile options management (other Ace3 add-ons were enable to manage their profile)
    - Fix indenting (indentation is only made of spaces now)
    - The Macro key binding is now a global setting (no longer bind to the profile)
    - - MUF options are now using tabs, this fixes the cosmetic issues in the Blizz option UI
    - - Multiple fixes to option display, options are fully exported to Blizz UI options, a big cosmetic issue remains with MUF options though
    - - Various fixes in options UIs, Blizz option UI is almost done (most options panel are missing)
    - - AceDBOptions-3.0 added
    - - Fix Options handling
    - Fix messages display
    - Added security to generated reports if a spell stop existing to prevent a DDOS on my mailbox.
    - - Finishing conversion to Ace3, still a lot to do about the options, it's quite a mess...
    - - Removed links to libstub registered libraries (things like Dcr.LQT = LibStub('LibQTip-1.0'); to see if it relates to http://www.wowace.com/addons/decursive/tickets/30-decursive-2-4-3-2-13-g2d06434-freeze-wow-at-loading/#c2 (I have a feeling...)
    - - Removed LICENSE.txt since it's generated by the packager
    - - Replaced TabbletLib by LibQtip-1.0
    - - Changed license to "All Rights Reserved" see LICENSE.txt
    - - Decursive no longer uses AceOO internaly
    - - Fixed a leftover related to previous attempt of using LibOOP, this fixes a Lua error when mouseovering the LiveList items.
    - - Added WoW build info to auto generated debug report
    - - Removed LibOOP since it's causing compatibility issues and also because we don't really need it (Decursive only uses basic inheritance at this point...).
    - - When Decursive installation is broken (missing file or missing library) it will generate less errors (XML <OnLoad> get disabled)
    - Fix file load order check that was no longer accurate.
    - - Decursive will not display its "hotfix message" in the chat if Lua error reporting is disabled.
    - - made a little change to .pkgmeta in hope that the CurseClient will see that it needs to install LibOOP if using the -nolib version :/
    - made so Decursive's auto diagnostic checks for LibOOP existance
    - removed some useless TOC lines
    - - Removed LibStub from the .pkgmeta since it's embeded as a hard copy.
    - Added LibStub in X-Embeds in the TOC (why wasn't it there already?)
    (The hardcopy was introduced when Blizzard broke optional deps loading order at some point in the past)
    - - First step converting to Ace3: replacing "AceOO" by "LibOOP", this is done for the LiveList objects only for now.
    - - Removed the 'Ignore stealthed units' option that is useless since several years.
    - Added an option (localization needed) to just show stealth status instead and fix its update.
    - Removed a comment containing lyrics from a NIN song (Closer from TDS) I was listening while coding a while ago... (it could have been misunderstood)