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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.2.0


    - - Preparations for 2.4.5 release.
    - Whatsnew update
    - Doc update
    - Added a local
    - - fix Decursive bar tooltip text
    - - Addded an 'About' option panel with various information on the Add-on.
    - Locals and typo fix
    - Updated credits with new translators
    - - Options management enhancements (correct behavior of the option panel when Decursive is disabled by command line)
    - Internal cleanup
    - Removed an old option
    - - fix a Lua error if Decursive gets enabled after being manually disabled by command line.
    - - Fix for bug reported in ticket #34
    - - Re-added  /dcr disable and /dcr enable commands
    - - Debuglocals is hooked only if Lua error reporting is enabled in the Blizz option UI and if BugGrabber isn't here. Lets hope Blizz will read this: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=21048546561
    - - Fix for Chamans: 'Cleans Spirit' was not replacing 'Cure Toxins', the two spells were both active and confusing for the user.
    - When Decursive reconfigures itself (due to talent swap for exemple) it triiggers a refresh of the options UI.
    - - Added the current version of Decursive to the 'General' option tab.
    - - Changed the message added to debug stack "Locals:" section when debuglocals() returns nothing to a better one. The message will not appear for current PTR or futur WoW versions (they fixed it apparently)
    - Fix typo in whatsnew.txt

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