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    Oct 31, 2009
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.2.0


    - - Changed license to "All Rights Reserved" see LICENSE.txt
    - - Decursive no longer uses AceOO internaly
    - - Fixed a leftover related to previous attempt of using LibOOP, this fixes a Lua error when mouseovering the LiveList items.
    - - Added WoW build info to auto generated debug report
    - - Removed LibOOP since it's causing compatibility issues and also because we don't really need it (Decursive only uses basic inheritance at this point...).
    - - When Decursive installation is broken (missing file or missing library) it will generate less errors (XML <OnLoad> get disabled)
    - Fix file load order check that was no longer accurate.
    - - Decursive will not display its "hotfix message" in the chat if Lua error reporting is disabled.
    - - made a little change to .pkgmeta in hope that the CurseClient will see that it needs to install LibOOP if using the -nolib version :/
    - made so Decursive's auto diagnostic checks for LibOOP existance
    - removed some useless TOC lines
    - - Removed LibStub from the .pkgmeta since it's embeded as a hard copy.
    - Added LibStub in X-Embeds in the TOC (why wasn't it there already?)
    (The hardcopy was introduced when Blizzard broke optional deps loading order at some point in the past)
    - - First step converting to Ace3: replacing "AceOO" by "LibOOP", this is done for the LiveList objects only for now.
    - - Removed the 'Ignore stealthed units' option that is useless since several years.
    - Added an option (localization needed) to just show stealth status instead and fix its update.
    - Removed a comment containing lyrics from a NIN song (Closer from TDS) I was listening while coding a while ago... (it could have been misunderstood)

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