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Decursive 2.4.1 by Archarodim  (2009-06-13)

Changes from Decursive 2.4 to Decursive 2.4.1

- Added support for the new priest talent 'Body and soul' to be able to cleanse
  a poison effect on self when using 'Abolish Disease'.

- Added the 'Tranquilizing Shot' Hunter spell to remove magic debuff on mind
  controlled units.

- Important enhancements and fixes to the MUF positioning/scaling system:
    - Changing their scale will no longer affect their position in an illogical
    - MUFs are maintained on screen whatever happens ; their position will
      no longer be reset to default.

- Multiple fixes and enhancements to charm (mind control state) detection.

- Fixes to Decursive icon: now it does what the tool-tip says and it doesn't
  throw a LUA error if tool-tips are disabled in the LDB client.

- The MUFs no longer depend on the 'mouseover' unit (internal simplification,
  more reliability).

- Added a new advanced debug report system.

Changes from Decursive 2.3.1 to Decursive 2.4

- New feature: The cool down of the curing spell to be used is displayed
  (clock) on afflicted MUFs.

- Decursive uses AceLocal-3.0 ; localization is now made using this interface:

- Miscellaneous localization updates in various languages.

- Re-implemented the max unit to show option.

- Added a warning when the user disables Decusive and an explanation on how to
  re-enable it (/dcr standby)

- Translations for key bindings descriptions (WoW key binding interface)

- It's no longer possible to map the button 1 and 2 of the mouse to Decursive's
  macro by accident.

- Fixes a problem if the game is loaded without any "saved variables" where the
  API GetCurrentBindingSet() would return incorrect values unusable with the
  API SaveBindings() preventing Decursive from initializing correctly.

- Bug fix: Charmed unit detection wasn't working if the player himself was charmed.

- Bug fix: The focus MUF was not added at the end but just before pets.

- Bug fix: The stick to right option (concerning the MUFs positions) was broken.

- Some other minor bug fixes.

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