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commit 0ad156c0e7bd8ef304a394c3873dc9a863cd23ec
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Thu Oct 16 02:42:02 2008 +0200

    Updates to WhatsNew.txt and QuoiDeNeuf.txt

commit d591bf8c4bfb2d6029b89b0d2327eb28a422eda5
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Wed Oct 15 01:19:31 2008 +0200

    3.0 TOC

commit b458eb9220976f219dc42ec1a4bc8f8a2d8614bd
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 03:32:57 2008 +0200

    Cleaned up metatables code for group scanning (this might solve the stack overflow that was reported)

commit 702d8a149962d8f9400ae92853e970f2cc0e2e8f
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Sat Oct 11 01:58:45 2008 +0200

    Update todo.txt and whatsnew.txt and Ace forum thread ID in .toc

commit e33bb5e7b1149e34e6b16836d3816649b0a86e8a
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Fri Oct 10 04:05:08 2008 +0200

    Added optional dependencies to .pkgmeta

commit 0530b941af2241eef2476f0dfc15e5aaeb80b812
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Fri Oct 10 02:49:59 2008 +0200

    Miscellaneous fixes and optimizations
    - Skip list was not working when adding players manueally (UnitName was still used instead of UnitGUID).
    - A change of pet in the group was still triggering a group rescan even if pet scanning was disabled.
    - CPU optimization when using the priority list.
    - Removed a debug message.

commit 2940fd8c07a904b23156e5e407d0682e7f584ac0
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 02:44:02 2008 +0200

    clean up

commit 069de375a243d122abe72d4b81b0b43b467bdc2a
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 02:37:05 2008 +0200

    Revert "- Fixed version in .toc"
    This reverts commit ba676b6ca8e47af67be4dea67adff8eccc690b45.

commit 7e092670986f63f34ca61e1fb5bb89642641ec1c
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 01:36:15 2008 +0200

    removed tag 2.3 beta 1 and fix .pkgmeta again... :/

commit ba676b6ca8e47af67be4dea67adff8eccc690b45
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 01:08:42 2008 +0200

    - Fixed version in .toc

commit 9037de4cf47f1cadcc93ff413b0a39b589c1eb0f
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 00:41:09 2008 +0200

    - fix version and date display for git repository Curse packager

commit ec0846e3ca31c1c98704345ce93b483896942024
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 00:04:54 2008 +0200

    - fix .pkgmeta

commit f17b4914fe93e5c528152a6209c4187a44991748
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Wed Oct 8 23:37:21 2008 +0200

    - fix to make curse syntax checker happy

commit 7ccfc7a579022d3235afcceeac536cf8974c6c14
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Wed Oct 8 23:28:38 2008 +0200

    - Decursive now uses GUID internally instead of unit names. Testing is required.

commit 393610f0f556feb6f35dc8e7b27c2db4c05a7645
Author: Archarodim <Archarodim@teaser.fr>
Date:   Tue Sep 16 21:50:36 2008 +0200

    Decursive: fix missed debuff events
    - If you focused a player of your raid group, Decursive would miss debuff
      events concerning this unit until a group refresh occurred.
    - Code cleanup
    - version to 2.2.1

commit 698a5ea3e3afc2ec30a476b4f36a5f7c36cfa7ac
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Sun Aug 31 08:54:26 2008 +0000

    Decursive: Changed version to 2.2.0
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@81160 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 25e762e57fe0932c52d24f3ad8c28f61cb3c6187
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Sun Aug 17 22:57:30 2008 +0000

    - Removed LibStub
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@80594 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 2c90c00b04392cd2b68e458141980cb04170a81d
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Fri Aug 15 05:21:36 2008 +0000

    - WotLK: Added support for "Cleanse Spirit", a new talent for shamans to clean 1 curse, 1 disease and 1 poison
      ( http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?spell=51886 )
    - Typos fixes in support .txt files.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@80467 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 5b751a420483817de3de2cff743bad2124ade1e5
Author: StingerSoft <StingerSoft@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Thu Aug 14 02:54:12 2008 +0000

    - update ruRU
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@80384 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit fc99a7e3bc7060dc47d7c6c53058dadfc049479d
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Wed Aug 13 22:53:39 2008 +0000

    - update WhatsNew.txt and QuoiDeNeuf.txt
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@80375 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit da1d5876ed420893cc2857280cfa3f8d86e4aa68
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Tue Aug 12 02:58:49 2008 +0000

    (revision 80230 changes)
    - The bug tracking message about "mouseover is not MUF" will only be displayed when the user tries to click on a MUF and if, of course, mousover is not set to the MUF's unit (mouseover seems to take its time to be set properly :/).
    - WotLK fix: The priority and skip list were not displayed, and lua error occurred when the list UI was used.
    - WotLK: Added the Deathknight class to the populate buttons of the lists
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@80233 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 33bc24b8f4c8604412930ff5d7c631e625f23199
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Tue Aug 12 02:50:10 2008 +0000

    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@80230 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 21ed08ab5b8de7ac7a0515bd519cceb462f7a4c5
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Mon Aug 11 09:08:51 2008 +0000

    - Fixed the "mouseover is not MUF" message for WotLK (where mouseover is no longer set for not UnitVisible() units)
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@80169 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 4c1103e9105d29ed7845466a6db97325b35ffaa1
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Thu Aug 7 20:31:13 2008 +0000

    - Added a test message when the "mouseover" unit is not set to the MUF the mouse is currently hovering... Of course this should never happen.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@79928 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 5213b9fa24d2aa4ec844edf215ba309ad5eac993
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Wed Aug 6 21:50:28 2008 +0000

    - Updated WhatsNew.txt and QuoiDeNeuf.txt
    - Version to 2.2.0 RC1
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@79890 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 2f25650e1a8dc471ea06865718cadf86a3b09a91
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Thu Jul 31 01:39:43 2008 +0000

    - if the skip list was used, a nil error could happen
    - (old problem) fix: when a unit or group was added to the skip list, the MUFs display was not updated right away.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@79544 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 635aa61923ed657379b55286068f5195735e893a
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Thu Jul 31 00:27:40 2008 +0000

    - cleanup
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@79542 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit afe5fae6378212c18dc860d41d3fa9c2f8c83111
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Thu Jul 31 00:14:06 2008 +0000

    - Simplified a lot the combat log events handler, now Decursive simply check if the unitGUID exists in the player current group and triggers a Debuff/Buf scan, this also fixes mind-control player detection problem.
    - 'focus' unit MUF will only be shown if the focused unit is not hostile
    - Success cast messages have been removed, only failure messages remain
    - Updated upvalues everywhere (watch for nil function call ;-) ).
    - Version to 2.2.0 beta 2
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@79541 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 5d3ec909393f618c1a6d9b20c55d5a118b258c59
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Mon Jul 28 01:57:04 2008 +0000

    - clean up
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@79305 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

commit 2bb866a02f8dd61d676b9739b7a41d14bd437826
Author: archarodim <archarodim@48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5>
Date:   Mon Jul 28 01:46:00 2008 +0000

    - Probably found a real fix for the problem with playerRID at log-in. ("raid#" unit names are not updated right away at login and if players quit while the user was logged off, raid IDs may not be contiguous)
    git-svn-id: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/Decursive@79304 48e1f902-e210-0410-a839-a0138e9d5bd5

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