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tag v1.2
Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
2012-08-27 09:40:05 -0700

Tagging as release 1.2


    - Note tweak
    - TOC bump
    - * Updated to use _G instead of getglobal * TOC update
    - * Flagged world events as a spam category
    - * Fixed an error at line #52 when all of the area achievements were moved to a guild achievement
    - * Fixed achievements not showing if a large group of people earned different achievements at the same time * Fixed any other bug * Added more spam reduction anyone who is in your guild will have their achievement gain shown in the guild message (green text) instead of the area achievement (yellow text), meaning if your guild gets a raid achievement and you're all in the same guild, you'll only see one achievement spam message not tow.
    - * Changed achievement detection, no longer uses a stored DB and just checks if the category matches the blacklist, not sure why I went with the previous method, but this one will work for every achievement just fine now.
    - * Seems Blizzard changed when achievement data is available, changed scanning to be done when the first achievement is seen to make sure the mod always works
    - * Fixed the same players name showing up multiple times if only one person got an achievement (Thanks magus424) * Updated TOC
    - * Fixed an issue where some achievements would not show, or it could have a long delay before it actually showed them.
    - * Fixed plural vs singular for the achievement things, added brackets if it's a singular one.
    - * Drycoding is bad
    - * Added Realm First titles to the list since they are incredibly spammy
    - * Initial Import: DamnAchievementSpam/ * Reduces the spam from PvP and Dungeon achievements where 5-25+ people can get them and you get 500000 bajillion messages in chat, basically all this does is compact them so if Foo, Bar, Apple, Orange get the same dungeon or pvp achievement, you will see "Foo, Bar, Apple, Orange have earned the achievement <blah>" instead of 4 different messages