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    Jul 8, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.5


Christoph Gritschenberger:
    - clean out some old code
    - remove preview again, since it destroys the config when a text is errornous
    - add option to write information on an error to the Chat when it occurs
    - remove debugging-stuff from GetText to make it faster. Add an option to enable a debug-mode for finding out which text caused an error and why.
    - add option to always show right texts
    - remove print()s
    - remove old config-code
    - open Config in standalone window
    - automatically initialize function-cache using metatable
    - cleanup config
    - add preview and make rest of the code a little more reasonable
    - properly unescape code when saving
    - fix indentions
    - make setter working
    - initial blizzard-ui-config
    - add d filestructure
    - move debug-function to seperate file
    - fix that bug in ShortClassification that occured on "trivial" mobs (gotcha!)
    - rename the failure-buffer-table
    - add debug-stuff to GetText()-function
    - add new, better debug-function
    - remove local self-variable