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    Jan 3, 2009
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  • 3.0.3


Tekkub <tekkub@gmail.com>
2009-01-03 21:42:55 -0700

Weekly build


Tekkub (60):
      6984298: Add option to scale frame
      51fa18f: Add "compact" mode
      426a025: Readme and changelog
      6da4120: Update changelog for
      9d10090: Weekly build
      e20c78a: Merge commit ''
      bf42399: Add LDB quicklaunch button
      e58cfe5: Update changelog for
      a2d4a6a: Weekly build
      08529b2: Merge commit ''
      2eb5417: Fuck you and your submodules
      680f28c: Update changelog for
      a6168c2: Weekly build
      311e546: Merge commit ''
      044419a: Tweak launcher declaration to match the updated spec
      3899cd5: Add AddonLoad LDB launcher field
      2a4a5df: Update changelog for
      3d2d051: Weekly build
      b52d8a8: Merge commit ''
      9474faf: Say it frenchie! Say "Chowdah!"
      ee5ad79: Embed update for wrath
      165490b: Another embed update
      d0758a9: Fix config issues in Wrath
      fdeee24: Merge branch 'wrath'
      8213469: Rearrange config panel order
      208aabf: Dongle update
      0efc852: Updating TOC to 30000
      3d624bd: Update changelog for
      92d82ef: Weekly build
      7491fee: Merge commit ''
      90d6777: Embed update
      1d95693: Fix for changes to UnitDebuff in Wrath
      9c91fb5: Fix nil error on Live
      9641fe6: Update changelog for
      ae506da: Weekly build
      c36f415: Merge commit ''
      ac5ace9: Embed update
      c338018: Embed update
      1ea45af: Update for wrath build 8962 config panel breakage
      d919c47: Update changelog for
      874bfcf: Weekly build
      8cef910: Merge commit ''
      32a1e62: Escape out deDE locale
      388e8aa: Add Russian locale
      9390cff: Add pally Repentance profile
      02d1180: Disable DB buttons when panel is frist shown
      193f72b: Remove fadey crap from config panels
      c3055bc: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:tekkub/controlfreak.git
      1e49b38: Update changelog for
      763c6aa: Weekly build
      fe60195: Merge commit ''
      44bbe8b: Remove 2.4.3 compat
      8a92d24: Fix status info not showing for neutral mobs
      541c395: Update changelog for
      67c1c2e: Weekly build
      ae38419: Merge commit ''
      fa82791: Add text popup warning when CC is about to expire
      c5e8c57: Embed update
      24884dd: Update changelog for
      8e370d7: Weekly build

Tekkub Stoutwrithe (84):
      42e7d85: ControlFreak - Initial import
      2af5457: Updates across the board to Dongle-1.0-r324
      c9b57c1: ControlFreak - Some status text (ready, dead)
      4588074: ControlFreak - More tweaking, try a different approach for the text
      c56a13c: ControlFreak - COMMA!
      debae03: ControlFreak - Paren, bah
      d5a4ed2: ControlFreak - Damn cat!
      cda97ef: ControlFreak - Alpha shading!
      a5498cd: ControlFreak - Added damage tracking
      f8e4377: ControlFreak - Added CC debuff tracking
      96f0ddc: ControlFreak - Added creature type checking (macro can't use this as conditional, display only).  "Loose" is now orange.
      a6e03a0: ControlFreak - Added mage poly, only basic sheep here!
      b4d7413: ControlFreak - Added Druid hibernate
      de31793: ControlFreak - Shift click to clear focus... no modifier to move, just drag it
      3a1bc6d: ControlFreak - Mikma's new macros.
      8694472: TOC updates across the board to 20100, adding TOC updating lua script.
      d832a25: Updating to Dongle-1.0-r871
      9f1a1a8: Buggerfuck
      1d59a38: ControlFreak
      132ce0f: ControlFreak - Now uses LegoBlock instead of creating it's own frame manually
      e93011a: ControlFreak
      9f65bb6: ControlFreak
      7b97d8c: ControlFreak - New LegoBlock, updated to work with it
      45d35e5: Updating embeds to LegoBlock r29
      b83e03d: ControlFreak - Josh says this will fix things, I don't believe him
      820c3b2: ControlFreak - Okey, sure, whatever
      2ce6d20: ControlFreak
      a99a1c4: Embed updates
      aabb0e8: ControlFreak - Config panel tweaks
      06d0ffd: LegoBlock embed updates
      0543f28: 'nother lego update
      198134d: ControlFreak
      349ecc5: ControlFreak - Forgot da embed
      e959978: ControlFreak
      c37dd33: ControlFreak
      8e723ee: TOC and embed updates across the board
      a87e17a: Upgrading OH calls to use LibStub
      61126d4: I WIN AT string.gsub!!!!
      455eee6: Updating LegoBlock to Beta0-r79
      52a9cdc: ControlFreak - Added profile panel, all class macro sets are now loaded up and the default selected based on class.  Users should reset their DB if using an old version (/script ControlFreakDB = nil; ReloadUI())
      9db385a: ControlFreak - Rogue sap macro from Mikma
      e92a4ca: ControlFreak - Changed to own block code instead of LegoBlock... Lego just had way too much stuff I didn't need.
      61c138b: ControlFreak - Give the block a global name so people can macro the damn thing.
      9d937ff: ControlFreak - Register for all clicks, not just left
      c48046b: ControlFreak - Remove critter type, though it's controllable it's not an enemy and will never trigger CF's testing
      15e3f1a: ControlFreak
      8922eab: ControlFreak - Bah, debug output
      a22d1cf: ControlFreak - Move tooltip code into the block's file
      408ec4a: ControlFreak
      309237d: ControlFreak - Fix index nil error if no default profile exists for the player's class (fucking warriors).
      c2d6532: ControlFreak - Fix nil bug if config panel has not been opened.
      bc42e59: ControlFreak - Make macro default to opening config if no default profile is loaded
      8a66243: ControlFreak - Change how default profiles are loaded, maybe speed it up a tad.  Fixed some stupid error stupid mikma had... maybe.
      fb8c705: ControlFreak - 'end' hates me
      e8e0a02: ControlFreak - Reverting change to how default profiles are loaded, seems there's a bug in Dongle that makes this approach not work, for now.
      75066e1: ControlFreak - Duh...
      6ccd20a: ControlFreak - Fixed range checking for multiple spells (damn magi).  "Controlled" now takes priority over "Damage" for those obsessive resheepers.
      8ffe998: ControlFreak - Adding random sheep/pig profile since turtle's kinda rare
      047545c: ControlFreak - Added break sound.  Noticeable, but not fucking annoying.
      ce0013d: TOC update
      05ea9c1: ControlFreak - Adding Warlock seduce macro from ivo.bujan
      e96a169: ControlFreak - Localized creature types
      3a82125: Meaningless TOC update (yes I know 20302 isn't a real TOC, but hey there were significant UI changes in that patch)
      85ab879: Revert, fuck you haste
      ebb89b7: Empty change to test shit for Kergy, he sucks
      79eda31: Add "Not specified" to creature types
      e7a4a19: Moved config frames to new Blizzy GUI, basic stuff now, more to come
      2b55bf6: More config panel work.
      37d3127: Fucking typos
      8335514: Reworking DB Profile config frame
      9f70bf2: More GUI work, slowly replacing WidgetWarlock
      44b949f: Make profile sort case-insensative
      632be1d: Slash command works again, huzzah!
      c6e445d: Added profile for new pally spell "Turn Evil"
      985cc63: Upgrading tekKonfig
      10e0f13: Fix random poly macros, the spell names changed
      b905899: Upgrade tekKonfig
      4a92fd6: Add "About" panel and TOC metadata
      2dad567: Merge branches '2.4config' and '2.4pallyTurnEvil'
      60272dd: Updating TOC to 20400
      e05eacd: Remove fade in from config panels
      21a2abf: Fix range indicator
      e4da341: Actually remove OptionHouse, since I don't use it here anymore
      badb29e: Increase Break Threshold limit to 50 sec