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    Aug 8, 2016
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  • 7.0.3


tag 7.0.9
Talryn <git@talryn.sent.com>
2016-08-08 19:35:29 -0400

Tag as 7.0.9.


    - Pestilent Pustules bar * Add Pestilent Pustules bar. * Add new bar update option for combat log event.
    - Fix issue with Bar custom borders.
    - SR secondary value fixes. * Fix error with SR secondary value. * Tweak SR secondary value font.
    - SR, Secondary Bar, cleanup. * Add secondary value to SR bar. * Add None option for SR secondary. * Fix SR bar showing for rune CD. * Bar remembers orientation. * Sync how font is set for Bar. * Fixes for Bar secondary value. * Remove Necroticblight module.
    - Swing timer talent update, profile switch. * Force Swing Timer to update after a talent switch. * Update db after profile switch. * Remove old, commented code.
    - SR bar updates, bottom bar value fix. * Add option to control primary value on SR bar. * Fix bottom bar values being on top of the bar. * Remove old, commented code.
    - Update Bar for per bar textures.
    - Hide Bar border and background if configured.
    - Merge functionality to Bar, DnD bar updates. * Change the DnD bar color to Defile, see if it helps differentiate it. * Add a cooldown to the DnD bar. * Code cleanup. * Merge more changes into Bar to allow a common code base. * Move Talents to its own file.
    - DnD bar, code cleanup. * Add Death and Decay bar for Blood and Unholy. * Code cleanup for Bar.
    - Layout fix, code cleanup. * Replace references to CR object with addon. * For Layout options, if a X/Y coordinate is set, set the other to 0 if it is nil. * Start a sync with other bar code.
    - Add bars to Color options. * Move bar list into separate functions. * Add sorted bars to the Color options.
    - Sort Layout options. * After the core bars, sort the remaining bars in Layout options.
    - Add new bars to Layout options. * Add new bars to Layout options. * Force SetDesiredPoint to always use SetPoint. * Add Print to addon.
    - Change the spec detection error message.
    - Hide the spec error.

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