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  • Dragonnan created this issue Mar 10, 2019


    I will try to give as much details as possible, but there aren't too many of them.

    I've been using CPR since Legion pre-patch and it always performed wonderfully, however, since ElvUI pushed out their 10.88 build with UI scaling, CPR isn't locking in place where I put it. I drag it where I'd like it to be, lock it in place and after the next login, it resets it's position to it's "default" position. However, if I switch profiles to any other and switch it back to what I use, then it works perfectly again until the next login. No error messages or anything like that, just a position/anchor reset.

    If this helps trying to reproduce the problem, I'm currently using addons such as:
    - ElvUI 10.92
    - ElvUI Shadow&Light 3.511
    - AddOnSkins 4.10
    - DejaCharacterStats 800r120
    - TellMeWhen 8.6.0

    So, in essence, it's mostly and inconvenience than anything else, but I thought you'd like to know about it.

    I can provide you with 2 pictures, if this is any help: - This is where I use them - This is how it resets itself after logout/login

    Best regards,


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  • snappel posted a comment Mar 16, 2019

    I am having this same problem.

  - Where I use mine - Where it resets to after /reloadui or logout/login.

    Edited Mar 16, 2019
  • Rayvene posted a comment Mar 26, 2019

    Can you guys let me know what UI scale you're using (Blizzard's and Elv's?)


    Is this only a problem with Elv UI enabled?

    Edited Mar 27, 2019
  • Rayvene self-assigned this issue Mar 26, 2019
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  • Dragonnan posted a comment Mar 27, 2019

    I'm using ElvUI scaling, which sits at 0,71 since 8.1.5. launched. 

    As for the Blizzard scale, I'll show it to you on a picture:

  • Rayvene posted a comment Mar 27, 2019

    Thanks! One more question, do you have a scale factor set in the CPR config? Or is that left at 1?


    If you're technically savvy, can you attach your CPR saved variables file here?

  • Dragonnan posted a comment Mar 27, 2019

    It's still at 1, because I have to be honest, until you mentioned it, I didn't even notice it had a scale slider.

  • Rayvene posted a comment Mar 27, 2019

    Thanks for the updates. I'll try to find time to resub and look into this.

  • Dragonnan posted a comment Mar 27, 2019

    Thank you very much, I wish you the best!

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