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James D. Callahan III <jcallahan@curse.com>
2016-07-19 02:13:27 -0500


James D. Callahan III:
    - MOUNT_NPCID_BLACKLIST => MOUNT_SPELLID_BLACKLIST and fix the return values used from C_MountJournal.GetMountInfoByID
    - Missed a mount
    - Yay blacklist
James D. Callahan III:
    - Hide the Scan button for the WardrobeCollectionFrame until (if) support is added.
    - Use the same portrait textures as the CollectionsJournal; not only is this more consistent, but SetPortraitToTexture no longer accepts custom BLPs.
    - Continuation of previous commit. I know I staged this, SourceTree!
    - Move mount scanning to MountDB.lua and add support for blacklisting NPC IDs.
    - Variable renames for clarification.
    - Dead code removal.
    - Whoops. Missed a pet. No info for it, but its in now
    - Add the pvp area mounts back to the list, add all those damned temporary/npc mount/never made it live mounts to the list to stop the damned popups
James D. Callahan III:
    - Shrink expansion reputation buttons by 10% so they all fit in the panel.
    - Bring over some expansion-related improvements from Ackis Recipe List.
    - Formatting fixes. Nuke file header.
    - Kill copypasta header.
    - Use correct portrait texture path.
    - Make sure a scan function is defined before attempting to call it.
    - Immediately create the list table for each collectable category instead of checking for and possibly creating if it doesn't exist every time AddCollectable is called.
    - Minor tweak.
    - Rewrite of mount-scanning code.
    - Rewrite of heirloom-scanning code.
    - To fix for PVP season mounts showing up as "Unknown"
    - Change Appearance to Wardrobe
    - Fix Heirloom error
    - Localizations
    - Add Legion Invasion world event
    - Add all required Mobs, quests, and vendors
    - Add Blingtron 6000 setting
    - Add Legion pets
    - Fix old filters/locations of pets
    - Move pets to correct expansion
    - "Retire" a toy that didn't make release
    - Fix filters/settings
    - Updated mounts, removed some others.
    - Add a bunch of constants
    - Denny made a typo.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Nil check.
    - Cleanups.
    - Update C_PetJournal API usage.
    - Update mount db
    - Update Toy DB
    - Add mobs, quests & vendors, localization
    - Add Demonhunter
    - Add Legion Invasion world event
    - Fix various heirlooms
    - Add faction & map
    - Add factions
    - Add initial visualID
    - Localizations
    - Add more info
    - Add Pirates Day as a World Event
    - Add Demon Hunter
    - Add Vendors
    - Add quest
    - Adding mobs, updating co-ords
    - I think this is the right index
    - Oops
James D. Callahan III:
    - Real fix: Account for both values being 0.
    - Fix division by zero in progress bar percentage calculation.
    - Add mounts & toys
    - Localizations
    - Add supporting reputations
    - Adding supporting Vendors, Quests, Mobs, World Events, and Custom stuff
    - Add constants to make stuff work
    - Using PROF
    - Mount default quality changed to epic, default toy quality changed to rare
    - Output "LEGION" instead of "WOD" on datamining of Collections panels
    - Fix mounts API
    - Fix mounts
    - Continued update of ToyDB
    - Add new vendor
    - Add reps, set up wardrobe
    - Fix various goofs
    - Add missing localization
    - Fix duplicate Toy ID
    - Kun Lai Summit's Map ID changed
    - Fixing 2 manual errors
    - Add toys, and localizations
    - Add Jewelcrafting to a toy
    - Dalaran -> Dalaran_Northrend & Dalaran_BrokenIsles
    - Add old items which are toys in Legion
    - Localizations
    - Remove NPC ID - Available from Twin mobs - using Journal localization now, drops from both mobs
    - Add Legion heirloom
    - Sort Customs to make it easy to find things
    - Adding constants for localizations, updating mob localizations
    - Add Legion strings
    - Wardrobe inclusion
    - Portable Audiophone again
    - Comment out Portable Audiophone, for some reason it's in toybox, but showing as "Unknown"
    - Fix Common -> Epic
    - Legion branch & TOC bump

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