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tag 2.0.2
James D. Callahan III <jcallahan@curse.com>
2013-05-21 08:59:41 -0500


    - Update Changelog for 2.0.2
James D. Callahan III:
    - Check for nil button.
    - Still adding locations for battle pets, but everything added with 5.3 is in.
    - Retiring old Arena Tournament pet, and adding new one to commented out list for 5.3
    - 5.3 mounts added in, commented out
    - Fixing locations of some of the Battle pets, continuing adding co-ords
    - Golden Civet & Kitten - pushing cuz I forgot to import localizations.
    - 5.3 pet work (commented out). Mob info added - no new mobs, so not commented out.
    - New 5.3 vendor (commented out)
    - - Red Primal Raptor is in game. - Add info on Direhorn drops
    - Changelog!
    - Brewfest Ram is for all intents & purposes, retired.
John Pasula:
    - Update all missing localizations.
    - Update L[SHIFT_CLICK] to make more sense.
    - Add binding flag to Ghastly Charger.
    - Show Known -> Known
    - Add text for GROUP_TOGGLE_FORMAT.
    - Add missing saved variables for different Acquire Methods.  Will fix it being toggled on log in, and also the global acquisition toggle.
    - Add BoP flag to Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent
    - 2 more pets updated
    - Get those Pandaria waypoints working
    - Found the last collectable that was mis-flagged, resulting in it not appearing. Worked on filters a bit.
    - Fixing some flags, etc
    - Filters fixed.
    - Fix a bug where the filter wasn't added at all. Surprised no one ran into it.
    - Continuation of addition of info to database.
    - Quick push for localization I forgot last night
    - Continue adding info for new Battle pets location feature - zone, level of pet in zone, co-ords. Added 5.3 pets, commented out at end.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Fix for Waypoints (if we ever add them!)
    - temporarily comment out requiredfaction lines, adding location data for a few pets, update level ranges for several battle pets
James D. Callahan III:
    - Hide and release the acquire tooltip and clear the selected line when switching tabs. Also, commit a bunch of other files since the OSX WoW launcher insists on changing my AddOn file permissions.
    - Made pet_prototype:AddZoneLocation() actually add and display the locations/coords.
    - Removed unnecessary pet:AddWorldDrop() calls.
    - Zooey Snake is found in Kun-Lai Summit - not Zul'Drak.
    - Whitespace cleanup.
    - Kill the typo!
    - Cleanup.
John Pasula:
    - Update the Zandalari Raptors.
    - Fix some 5.2 battle pet rarities.

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