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tag 2.0.0beta1
John Pasula <ackis@shaw.ca>
2012-12-09 16:02:28 -0700

Tagging as 2.0.0 Beta 1


    - All pets are in now. Missing battle pet locations for most.
John Pasula:
    - Remove some debug code from the scanner and account for the new tailoring pets.
    - Wrong NPC id for Imperial Moth
John Pasula:
    - Add in alpha debug code for the name compare in the sort function.
    - Most of the 5.1 pets
John Pasula:
    - Should've updated the ToC too.
    - Update localizations.
    - Remove AddWorldDrop from Emerald Shale Hatchling.  I am now going to stop coding and attempt to capture this pet.
    - AddZoneLocations will now populate a table for the zone, pet levels, and coords.  In the interim it will call AddWorldDrop(Zone) so we don't need to duplicate that in the pet db.
    - Zone Drop -> Battle Pet.
    - Rename AddDropLocations.  Again.
    - Move AddDropLocations to be under pet prototype again.
    - Remove reference to Acquire types, we don't actually use it in this file.
    - Move AddDropLocations to a more appropiate spot in Collectable.lua
    - SetLocations -> AddDropLocations.
    - Revert last commit.
    - Set/restore flags when scan occurs.  Should be done by LPJ but its not right now.
    - Make sure all the flags are checked before doing a scan.  Messy for right now but it'll make the scan work each time the button is clicked.
    - Adding SetLocations to BattlePets, so we can display info later.
John Pasula:
    - Blizzard added a return value to GetPetInfoByPetID.
    - Remove a couple pets that are no longer in the pet journal.
    - Some comment changes.
    - Add new boss & zone names
    - Temporarily comment out to fix an error which won't go away.
    - Adding 5.1 mounts
    - Continuing petDB
John Pasula:
    - Rename mehtod.
    - Add a method for pets: AddZoneDrop(Zone_Name, Pet_Level, x:y, x2:y2, ... , xn:yn).
    - Continuing
John Pasula:
    - Highlands Skunk only is from the Twilight Highlands.
    - Fixing Trainer vs Vendor & sp mistake
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added support for "required" races for pets: They'll be shown in the list and their tooltip will indicate which races are initially required to learn them.
    - Ensure only valid races are allowed for collectable_prototypeSetRequiredRaces()
    - Some work on the collectable-specific filters and minor cleanup of scanner code.
    - Continuing petdb input
John Pasula:
    - Update Horned Lizard locations.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Implemented pet and mount prototypes/metatables.
    - Seasonal.lua --> WorldEvents.lua
    - Fuck the dumb shit; SEASONAL has been bothering me for years in ARL - I'm not going to have it confuse everyone since Battle Pets can have certain seasons they can be found in.
John Pasula:
    - ToC update.
    - Manual updates for pets
John Pasula:
    - Jade Crane Chick requires you to be a Panda to learn but anyone can use it after you learn it.
    - Update pet db with results from the scan.
    - Add plumbing for Season to work.
    - Fix Ackis is an idiot issue.
    - Add seasonal flags.
    - Remove debug statement from weather check.
    - Deal with weather properly.
    - Update Arctic Fox Kit.
    - Remove some more debug statements.
    - Make the unknown promotion debug display a bit more clear and remove an unneeded if statement.
    - Remove debug statement from the Scanner that I forgot aboot.
    - Update Wanderer's Festival Hatchling.
    - Add background info for Wanderer's Festival
    - Deal with the Wanderer's Festival.
    - Partially implement a fix for battle pets that require a faction.
    - Update Restless Shadeling.
    - Start checking to see if pets have a time of day that they are only availible for.
    - Fix a bug with the Deadwind Pass pet and its time of day.
    - Update the little black ram.
    - Actually get time of day working. *sigh*
    - Rename :Time() to TimeOfDay()
    - Update dump function to use new time of day constants.
    - Create a Time of Day set of constants.
    - Update dump function for the new methods added.
    - Add methods for setting season, time of day, and weather.
    - Deal with Jade Forest -> The Jade Forest issue.
    - Added more phrases for the Scanner to look for adding Custom acquire info.
    - More vendors added w/Locals
John Pasula:
    - Make Collectable.lua spite an error out if we don't have a proper ID that we're dumping.  Error is kind of vague.
    - Making a few more tweaks/fixes to the pet db.
    - Apparently I added a wrong entry.
    - Add all missing pets to the db.
    - Port vendor changes over to world event vendors.
    - Deal with some more special cases.
    - Update the vendor scanning to account for some new vendor types.
    - Add some debug text so I can deal with the pattern for vendors later on.
    - Turn the blizzard exceptions into a hash table.
    - Finished adding Constants. 1 issue still with Sunken Temple w/Blizz not being consistent.
John Pasula:
    - Deal with more blizzard issues and fix a few patterns.
    - Deal with another Blizzard issue.
    - Adding additional Constants
    - Continuing update
John Pasula:
    - Scan the pets then dump all the results.
    - Make a few of the output's more nil resistant.
    - Remove more debug code.
    - Remove debug code.
    - Deal with more Blizzard foolishness and make the AddWorldDRop function more stable.
    - Make a local function for scanning zones.  Deal with blizzard bugs as well.
    - Fix an issue where multi-zone's weren't getting added properly.  Applies to battle pets and world drop/zone drop pets.
    - Make cryptic messages not so cryptic.
    - Simplify the pattern matching.
    - per Torhal: ACKIS ASSUMES SHIT Fixes assuming only 1 space in Zone Name/Mob Name
    - Did a ScanCompanion(), and working through the output of what needs to be done.
    - Adding Blizzon, and fixing Midsummer Seasonal string
John Pasula:
    - mount -> pet
    - Remove the Lovely Vendor from the DB per previous commit.
    - The Love is in the Air vendors are the same for each city so we'll use the pre-existing custom string.
    - Lazy Ackis :P
John Pasula:
    - Update Lumpy for testing purposes.
    - Update Peddlefoot and its respective vendor entry.
    - Fix a small bug where we would get pet = Addpet() instead of pet = AddPet().
    - Apparently we can't output the vendor ID because we don't know it.
    - Output the vendor ID if it's not found.
    - Fix issue with seasonal string (Thanks Pompy!).  Also deal with vendors that do not have a zone.
    - Try getting seasonal stuff working again.  For some reason we're parsing the string and the TableKeyFormat function is getting an extra char/number at the end.  Torhal can you try: /script COL:UpdatePet(16085) and let me know what the result is please.
    - Fix a few instances where we refer to collectable ID's as  spell ID's.
    - Fix the spell and item ID output from the dump function.
    - Fix an issue with pet battle detection when we had a seasonal/time of day pet.  Also fix the actual entry into the pet object.
    - I removed the zone lookup by accident.
    - Remove unneeded code written by me.  The Dump function takes care of most of it.
    - Remove all unneeded code from Scanner.lua can add what we need back in from ARL and this makes it easier to deal with the file.
James D. Callahan III:
    - At least you got the name correct in the commit note…:D
John Pasula:
    - Start working on mob/zone drops. Done for the night.
    - Change a lot of the custom entries to actually add the info to the pet object.
    - Get rep vendors working.
    - Spell ID -> Collectable ID.
    - Make Dump() properly output AddProfession.
    - Make the profession scanning a bit more error proof.
    - Remove debug messages from Dump() and work on Scanner more to properly scan.
    - Add a DumpPet function.
    - Update dump function to actually work.
    - Torhal look at Scanner.lua lines 852-854 please.
    - When doing a full scan make sure filters are off.  Remove once Torhal fixes bug.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Made the expanded profession entries work/look like every other entry type.
    - Removed name checks in sorting code. Again.
    - Add required vendor
John Pasula:
    - Fill out some more custom entries/promotion items in the scanner.
    - Get vendor info working (not just faction vendors)
James D. Callahan III:
    - Missed one.
    - Built-in localizations FTW.
    - Fix flags, add Feldrake
    - RAF filter flag -> Promotion so it can be used for Companions as well.
    - Add refer a friend filter
    - Completed DB conversion.  Going through and adding/fixing any mounts not appearing in the list.
    - Adding legendary so it'll work.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added ELEGON and SHA_OF_ANGER; replaced and removed appropriate code to use these.
    - Added the rest of the many, many, many mounts added in 5.0.3+
    - Added "Mogu'shan Vaults" to ZONE_NAMES
    - Added some new mobs, quests to the respected databases
    - cleanup
    - Added all the new "(Great) * Dragon Turtle" mounts
    - Added two new vendors
James D. Callahan III:
    - Nil checks for some fields and a logic flip.
    - Added a space after the comma-separator for zones.
John Pasula:
    - Battle pets aren't faction specific lets add horde/alliance flags to them.
    - What is thy bidding my master Torhal? :P
    - Print debug for vendor.
    - Move the faction specific stuff to the proper if statement.
    - If the vendor is faction specific we'll add those faction flags as well.
    - Link the vendor scanning to the vendor db.
    - Proper pattern matching for rep vendor info.
    - Deal with the difference between faction vendors and neutral vendors.
    - Strip out the weather from the world/mob drops.  We'll deal with that later.
    - Some more tweaks and make all the flag checking only occur if we have a pet in the db.
    - Add TCG stuff to the scanner.
    - Get mob drops working, still need a way to automagically get the mob ID.
    - Get world drop stuff working.
    - Simply source_text stripping code by removing formatting in one place instead of several.
    - Make flag selection less stupid.
    - Added the "* Panther" mounts from Jewelcrafting.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed entry for Black Qiraji Battle Tank
    - Removed the legacy mount-swapping quests; if people haven't swapped their mounts since May 2005, they likely never will and most players never even had a chance to get the old ones.
    - Fixed the Quest IDs for the Netherwing Drakes.
    - Simplified things a bit by generating the lookup lists for reputations via the pre-existing constants.
    - Fix reputation check for Player:HasProperRepLevel() - this needs a serious update, as it's only checking the TBC common factions…
    - Revamped reputation labels and the generation of the constants tables. Added a couple of reps we were missing.
    - Merge my edits into Ackis's latest commit
John Pasula:
    - Start quest parsing.  Not sure how to go about adding a new quest in to the db based off of the quest name.  Torhal can you look at/fix my flag implementation please?
    - Misc checks should only be done if the pet object exists.
    - Scanning of seasonl and quests.
    - Update Red Winter Helper.
    - Scaner now will use existing db data for misc flags such as race/class.
    - Make GetExistingFlags use existing tables instead of a bunch of if statement.
    - Fix a few entries in the commented out LOCALIZED_FACTION_STRINGS table.
    - Pull the reputation levels out of the reputation table into their own table as the aren't used in the same files.
    - Make Forest Hozen/Pearlfin Jinyu alliance/horde specific.
    - So pompy can work on filling out mop mounts, while I continue conversion
    - Guild filter actually working now.
    - Get Netherwing/Guild rep filters working
James D. Callahan III:
    - Get rid of the "Profession Required:" bullshit.
    - There is no ColType, there is only type. Also, KISS.
    - Reputations - how do they work?
John Pasula:
    - Remove dupliocate entries in mountdb.
    - Green Netherwing Drake
    - Fixing Netherwing-related errors
John Pasula:
    - Check to see if we have a name before putting a debug statement out.  Might fix some nil errors.
    - Revert - Back to RepVendor for Netherwing mounts
John Pasula:
    - Add more mounts to stop pop-ups.
    - Add Netherwing to constants.
    - MountDB
    - DB convert
    - Continuing mount db conversion, change a few Mobs to Blizzard strings
James D. Callahan III:
    - Reversed last commit. Too tired to code apparently.
    - The reputation filter is under obtain, not general.
John Pasula:
    - Start adding logic for a smart flag system where we check what's in the db already and use existing flags if they exist.
    - Add profession scanning in.
    - Update singing cricket info for testing purposes.
    - Add achievement filters.
    - Update silent hedgehog.
    - Start on achievement filtering.
    - Add remaining categories.
    - Scan now works for pet battle pets and displays output properly.
    - Change scanning around to use pet_index instead of pet_id because Torhal was right and I was wrong.
    - Add Zooey snake to the db.
    - Add function to do scanning by the creature ID to make it easier to look up individual creatures.
    - Extend the ScanCompanions to display all the data and also all ScanSpecificCompanion to display data if flag is not set.
    - Change the Scan SpecificCompanion to use pet_id instead of creature_id... this makes it easier to do the scans without having a nasty for loop for each companion.
    - Add YakRat to the pet db based on the output from the scanner.
    - Forgot to close the bracket for the filters.
    - Add flags for battle pets.
    - Fix the extra , at the end of world drop information.
    - Use TextDump for output instead of print.
    - Added the "* Shado-Pan Riding Tiger" and "Azure Water Strider" mounts
John Pasula:
    - More refinement.
    - Continuation of db conversion, fixing errors
James D. Callahan III:
    - Check to see if the collectable has a quality set before attempting to search.
John Pasula:
    - More refinement of the source text parsing.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Port ARL improvements to TextDump.
    - Fixing coding errors from while servers were down.
John Pasula:
    - Forgot to save the file derp.
    - Some fixes to the source_text scanning.
    - Make an individual companion scan and start parsing the source text.
    - Continuing db conversion. Mob & Season entries commented out until I can get in game and query for correct info
John Pasula:
    - Start parsing the pet battle info.  Some of this is dry-coded as the servers just went down.
    - Added the new "* Riding Goat" mounts and the "Amber Scorpion" mount
    - Added a vendor: Ambersmith Zikk
John Pasula:
    - Fix scanning so that we actually check to see if pets are in the database or not.
    - Add some more into the datamining tool.  Torhal can you take a look at the comment I made in it, having trouble with something.
    - We need LPJ in the scanner.
    - gulp
    - sup find/replace ... also, Added the new "* Riding Crane", "* Riding Yak", and "Grand Expedition Yak" mounts
    - Add custom string
James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed awesome string errors so my UI would stop yelling at me.
    - Updated Paladin mounts.  Missing trainers/localization for Tauren mounts.
James D. Callahan III:
    - More trainer rage. RAGE.
    - Removed the CLASS_TRAINER custom entry, since we're going to use actual fucking trainers.
    - Did I mention the fact that I'm going to fucking stab Ackis for removing nearly everything Trainer-related?
    - SetRequiredRace --> SetRequiredRaces
    - Locale fix for CLASS_TRAINER.
    - Paladin mount fixes.
    - Custom entry rename for consistency.
    - Pet-handling code revamp. Needs more work, but is better than what we had.
    - DB conversion. Quest #s, Vendors, Constants, MountDB & localizations updated.
    - Fixing more issues with faction numbers/constants
    - Continuation of db conversion & add AddRequiredFaction to make filters work properly
    - Fix to match elsewhere & stop the errors
    - Continuing to update MountDB, missing Quests, Vendors input
James D. Callahan III:
    - Profession names shouldn't show up under the location tab.
    - Have mounts use the localized name for professions. Normalize profession usage.
    - We can't do throwaway sorts anymore because we have different collectable types which may not load all the data. Also, account for collectable types when indexing tables.
    - More renames from "collection" to "collectable"; Torhal SMASH Ackis!
    - We need to know which collectable type we want to sort so we can assign the appropriate table; assigning an acquire list isn't sufficient because that consists of an id/boolean-or-string pair and not an id/collectable pair.
    - Reverted sort function overcomplication: If we need to check for a name in the sort function, we already have an issue beforehand which should be fixed there instead.
    - Renames and a reference fix.
    - Properly create the tables per collectable type.
    - The word "green" makes a hell of a lot more sense than "optimal" when used in the context of BASIC_COLORS…
John Pasula:
    - Add scanner to the table and start a new function for companion scanning.
    - Get rid of role based datamining stuff.
    - Add some mounts to the mountdb so I stop getting pop-ups.
    - Add optimal (green) as a colour to BASIC_COLORS and update reference to it in Tabs.lua
James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed expansion in the acquire and location tabs. Almost...
    - Removed unused code from sorting.
    - Fixed Vendor and Quest localizations.
    - All errors/missing entries from yesterday's conversion process fixed.
    - Fixing localizations for Store/TCG
    - Commenting out WRATHCOMMON1/CATACOMMON2 entries til I can get it working
    - Fixing numerous db conversion mistakes
    - Better localization strings, per Torhal
    - Removal of more BFAC
    - Work in Progress, still converting DB to new setup. Localizations missing. Vendors missing. Quests missing. Probably won't work. Don't use.
John Pasula:
    - Remove BFAC from toc, .pkgmeta, embeds
    - Babble Faction is no longer a required library.
    - Remove more unneeded references to BFAC.
    - Use localized table for faction names instead of babble faction.
    - We don't use it in Panel.lua either.
    - We don't use babble faction in tabs.lua lets remove it.
    - Update Reputation.lua to use localized versions of the name.
    - Port DumpReps from ARL.
    - Port ARL Faction changes in to Constants.lua
    - Add some debug statements for Ressy.
    - Fix a bug with filter detection for when we rescan pets.  I was overwriting the flags table instead of using a new one. My bad.
    - Red Flying Cloud - rare quality
    - Continuation of DB convert from old to new style, update localizations
    - Add Vendors which offer mounts for sale
    - Add Quests which give Companions/mounts
James D. Callahan III:
    - Updated GUID-to-ID code.
    - Additional Mounts updated to new format
    - Update localizations and update the MountDB to ARL format
    - Add several vendors
    - Add Silver Covenant
    - Add required MapIDs, comment on WRATHCOMMON1
    - Fixing error popping up, following ARL code
James D. Callahan III:
    - Don't try to sort nil.
    - Fall back to UNKNOWN if the collectable's name is nil.
    - Add data in for the mount: Disc of the Red Flying Cloud
    - Add a new vendor
    - Added data for some of the Riding Crane and Riding Yak mounts .. all commented out for now as I continue work on them.
John Pasula:
    - Port the pandacommon1 faction from ARL.
    - I was a bit over zealous with my commenting out the scan function stuff.
    - Restore the states after a scan
    - Comment out all the fun stuff where we press alt/ctrl/shift on the scan button.  We'll add this back in later once functionality is restored.  Right now those will just break.
    - Remove battle_pet hack for dump function and comment out dump function for use in later code.
    - Add pet state filtering.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Work around a bug in LibPetJournal until I just write the proper code to do what it's supposed to be doing…if you manually toggle off the "Collected" filter for pets, LPJ attempts to iterate past its own bounds. In addition, UNLESS you do so, it doesn't correctly identify pets you do not yet know.
    - Actually switch views instead of simply setting the active tab when cycling through collection types.
    - Localization fixes.
    - Remove the non-existent trainer obtain filter so filters won't break. Re-add the damn separator linefeed in the pet dump.
    - Change the default current tab to 2 from 3.
    - Another Collections --> Collectables fix. You almost have the hang of this, Ackis!
John Pasula:
    - Update profession crafted pets, so I can see more than one missing pet in my display for testing purposes.
    - Rescan the db, add PET_BATTLE as a flag (hacked together in scan code).
    - Some more trainer nuking.
    - recipe_name -> collectable_name
    - Update scanner acquire filters.
    - Kill a bunch of data for player roles.
    - Comment out hte vendor scanning code.
    - Clear out do not scan list.
    - Remove speciality lists.
    - Nuke more trainer stuff.
    - More conversions from recipe/profession to collectable/collection.
    - Kill generate links function, there are no links to generate.
    - Kill trainer scanning function.
    - Start adding scanning functions.
    - Remove a whitespace.  Torhal would be proud.
    - Missed a localization change.
    - Apparently I used the wrong spell ID for fishing.
    - Fill out db a bit more.
    - Update all fishing profession stuff with their actual professions.
    - Add fishing to the list of profesions.
    - Makes more sense for crafted by to be profession required.  We can use this flag for things like fishing and whatnot now.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed filtering - removed temporary return of true needed to make the list display anything at all when we were just starting the DB.
    - Use private.Player:Faction()
    - Added collectable methods: SetRequiredClass, RequiredClass, SetRequiredRace, RequiredRace.
    - Player:Initialize() now sets the player race. Added Class, Faction, and Race methods.
    - Removed extra whitespace and comments. Fuck you, Ackis.
John Pasula:
    - Fix the item panel stuff.  It works now. Filters still don't work, that's your job Torhal.
    - Re-add the item panel and stuff.  Extra whitespace and comments included.
    - Added skeleton entries for all the mounts being introduced in MoP, I will be starting to beef em up later today!
James D. Callahan III:
    - Dump function fixes. Also, "collectable" is singular and "collection" is plural.
    - Removed private.COLLECTION_LABELS - it was the same damn thing as private.ORDERED_COLLECTIONS
    - Removed private.COLLECTION_NAMES because private.COLLECTION_NAMES.MOUNT was the same result as just typing "MOUNT", but with a table lookup…
    - Renamed Collection.lua to Collectable.lua since it defines methods for a Collectable, not a Collection…..
    - Renamed collectable methods: SetCollectionSpellID --> SetSpellID, CollectionSpellID --> SpellID
    - Renamed collectable methods: SetCollectionItemID --> SetItemID, CollectionItemID --> ItemID
    - Reversed the commit removing collectable:SetItemFilterType() and collectable:ItemFilterType() - renamed/reworked them to be SetMiscFilterType and MiscFilterType (horrible name, but that's what we're using at the moment).
    - Removed randomly-added whitespace and code that should have been removed instead of commented out (this is what a VCS is for…)
    - Some TextDump cleanup.
John Pasula:
    - Few more filter updates
    - Quest stuff now works.  Tool tips and whatnot.
    - Vendor stuff works now.  Tool tips and whatnot.
    - Collection specific filters will no longer blow up the addon.  They don't show up either.
    - If we want to use functions in a file, we should actually have that file loaded. Derp.
    - Use localized names for professions a la ARL.
    - Expanding the entry works for crafted items.  I'll be damned.
    - Make the crafted tooltip info not look stupid.
    - Make the crafted info in the db a bit more detailed.
    - Crafted info now actually shows up in the tooltip!
    - Crafted info *should* show up in the tooltip but it doesn't.  Not sure why. :(
    - Nuke more code for recipe only stuff.
    - Update a few comments.
    - Provide a nice error message stating that we don't support waypoints just yet.
    - Update the list to display the spell link and add a test case to the Crawling Claw.
    - Add functions for adding in spell ID's, maybe we want to actually document which spells a critter/mount uses.
    - Shift clicking on an entry works now.
    - Copypasta fail.
    - Add missing localization and update a current one.
    - Kill some more useless code.
    - Clicking on the pet/mount icon will actually switch between collections now.  I'm sure Torhal will rewrite this 12x before he's happy but it works now biatches!
    - Couple nukes from utilities.lua
    - More db updates for testing.
    - Try anchoring collection specific filters to the Misc tab.
    - Populate a few more DB entries.
    - Nuke more item filtering code.
    - Nuke the alt-tradeskill code.
    - Add more functions for Crafted pets.
    - ToC Update
    - Few more minor tweaks.
    - Add commented out tooltip line for crafted info.
    - Add item to the squirrel.
    - Remove unused local.
    - Add AddCraftedProfession method, Torhal please review.
    - Update some localization strings to be english instead of placeholders.
    - Update missing localizations.
    - Add crafted to the UI and also reorder the Acquisition section so Torhal doesn't have an OCD melt down.
    - Add a crafted SV.
    - Sort those new entries because if I don't Torhal will hurt me.
    - Add new MoP reps to the Reputation DB.
    - Fix comment in MountDB.
    - Add empty files for Mob, Vendor and Quest drops.  Import ARL's Reputation and Seasonal lists.
    - Some fixes to searching.
    - Add flags to the Mechanical Squirrel Box.
    - Change the CASTER filter to be crafted.
    - Remove whitespace. Oops.
    - Forgot another place.
    - Forgot someplace to update reps.
    - Add in MoP factions, this can by C&P to ARL.  Babble Faction will give errors until it's been regenerated.
    - Enabled all disabled reps because we don't know what we have just yet.
    - remove more recipe references
    - Update localizations, removed a couple that weren't used anymore.
    - Update constants.lua getting rid of recipe references.
    - Update panel.lua getting rid of recipe references.
    - Remove some references to recipe and update Collection.lua dump function.
    - Remove a few commented out options for waypoints in the config.
    - Update headers for files.
    - Remove ARL reference from Config.lua
    - Get rid of the creation of the player tab.
    - Update the reset button for filters to not reset crap we don't use.
    - Remove player as a valid category.
    - Remove some integration with tradeskill mods.
    - We actually do use the item panel, each filter is related to its category.
    - Actually comment it out.
    - Comment out the  item filter we aren't using this *yet*.
    - Bring BoA back in to the equation.
    - Clean up acquisition section.
    - Move the unknown button to be more in line.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Long live private.collectable_list!
    - List entries now hold the collectable itself, rather than its ID; simplifies the code a bit and also makes pets and mounts co-exist peacefully (no ID clashes). Killed off private.collectable_list for the same reason.
    - Add names to ALL mounts, not just those known. Added debug dump to show mounts known which aren't in the DB
    - Get mounts in a state where they display in the list without breaking the world.
    - We don't use LPJ:NumPets() - remove it. Clear focus on the PetJournal search box and set its text to SEARCH before executing a scan.
John Pasula:
    - Update MountDB.lua with all known mounts (except class mounts, fuck those guys.)
    - Add store bought pets.
    - Add Eye of the Legion TCG Pet.
    - Add TCG pets.
    - Add Promo pets.
    - Add BlizzCon pets.
    - Add Baneling.
    - Add CE pets.
    - Add retired pets.
    - Add alliance vendors.
    - Add horde vendors.
    - Add rep vendors and neutral vendors.
    - Add Argent Rep Vendor pets.
    - Add mob drop entries.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Replaced all commented-out Pet Battle pets with real data.
John Pasula:
    - Revert PetDB.lua to state this morning.
James D. Callahan III:
    - New dump using the new ids. Insanely different results. GG.
    - Dropped the creature_id being supplied by LibPetJournal - use the one supplied by C_PetJournal.GetPetInfoByIndex()
    - Removed the spell tooltip since it's useless now, and added the pet's description to the acquire tooltip.
    - Started over with a full dump from the PetJournal.
    - Revamped code for dumping unknown pets.
John Pasula:
    - Fix Horde Balloon.
    - Remove duplicate Jubling entry.
    - Ok I lied about bed.  Add all the quest entries that exist already (change from spell ID to creature ID.
    - Forgot to uncomment commented out stuff.
    - Added the alliance/horde balloons, not sure how these got removed.  Going to bed now (again).
    - Move some entries from World Event Drop to World Event Vendor.  These can be cleaned up later (and should be, it's a bit of a mess.
    - Add rest of world event pets.
    - Add a category for the first grouping of pets.
    - Remove duplicate Clockwork bot, and move Zergling Leash where it belongs.
    - Comment out all the pet battle stuff, this needs to be looked into in detail as the ID's are all wrong.
    - Update many of the world drop pets, not sure how these actually worked but they blew up for me.
    - Fix debug message because a lot of the time the outputs are nil.
    - Added in crafted pets.
    - Fix comment formating.
    - Add Fishing Pets.
    - Uncomment out lines Torhal said to, move Lucky Quilen to CE section and fix genesis.
    - Move pet battle to end of file.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added some pet-dumping goodness in case Ackis wants to use it while I sleep.
    - Added TextDump:InsertLine()
    - Rewrote the text dumping facility to be much easier to use.
    - Removed debug print on loading. Make sure that unknown pets are only dumped once.
    - Partially ported the collection_cycle button changes from ARL - it doesn't currently work as is, but I'm too tired to deal with it at the moment.
    - Added images for the collectable types - Ackis needs to replace them with the high-resolution originals to replace these faded modifications (perhaps scaled down if they're TOO big…).
    - Dumped all of the World Event pets and manually updated their genesis and rarity. Also, some have multiple NPC ids…:/
    - Use the correct table…
    - Harvested and dumped 225 pets obtained via Pet Battles - all set as V.MOP and Q.COMMON.
    - Moved the Companions tab to the center.
    - Added the four World Event pets
    - Moved EXPANSION_FILTERS into Constants.lua and made it self-updating when a new version is added.
    - Output number of missing pets in the dump.
    - Tab rename: Recipes --> Companions
    - Remove manual declaring/wiping of dump outputs.
    - Show pet icons and obtain data (from C_PetJournal for the moment).
    - Revamped C_PetJournal handling in order to grab data for unknown pets (and more data than with the other method). Unknown pets are unceremoniously dumped into an EditBox to possibly annoy either Ackis or myself into adding them.
    - Added private.DUMP_OUTPUT which is wiped immediately after calling addon:DisplayTextDump()
    - Massive number of renames. Some minor rewrites. Added some localization phrases.
    - Add the KNOWN state where appropriate when scanning.
    - Minimized addon:Scan()
    - Cleanup for addon:Scan()
    - Sort fix.
John Pasula:
    - Actually do something with mount scan.
    - Actually initialize the mount database.
    - Remove that state from the critter/mount list.
    - Remove linked from Collectible state flags.
    - Remove debug message for when pets are added.
    - Added in crawling claw so I actually have a pet I don't know to search for.
    - All achievement pets are switched to creature ID.
    - Convert some of the petdb from spellid's to creatureid's
    - Add placeholder mounts.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Sorting fixes.
John Pasula:
    - Fix flags for the pets.
    - Update pet db for all entries.
    - Remove some debug code.
    - Few more changes.  GUI now shows upon a scan.  Back to the db methinks.
    - Let the tabs actually initialize (reference the proper variables).
    - Rename all references to ARL_ static pop-ups.
James D. Callahan III:
    - ARL makes perfect sense for Ackis Recipe List. COL for Collectinator, though? Not so much.
    - Renames for clarity.
    - More renames.
    - Replaced all occurrences of Player:HasRecipeFaction with Player:HasCollectableFaction (which Ackis for some unknown reason renamed to simply Player:HasFaction)
    - Added two localizations, altered one.
    - Renames.
    - Discovered Ackis copy-pasta fail after re-ordering scan button code.
    - Cleaned up scan button and PetJournal tab code.
    - Reversed all of the removal of the singular collectable_list. Minor renames along the way.
    - FilterMenu fixes.
John Pasula:
    - Forgot some alt-tradeskill stuff.
    - More localization and nuking of functions/code we won't need.
    - Add localizations and remove some variables that we don't need anymore.
    - More tweaks.
    - More porting over.
    - Remove some unneeded filters.
    - category_collectable_list update.
    - ORDERED_COLLECTIONS update amongst all files.
    - Fix parameter passing to createpanel.
    - I can't fucking code with my mother-in-law asking me questions every 2 seconds.
    - Update internal db for the pets filters.
    - Add pet specific filters.
    - Some more bug fixes and create a filters director.
    - Create and ORDERED_COLLECTION list to use for the future.  Might have many, many collections eventually.
    - Rename embeds.xml to Embeds.xml and reflect change in ToC.
    - Change name of embeds.xml sucks so I have to push.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Removed tooltip hack for setting critter name. Replaced with getting the name from the PetJournal on scan.
    - No idea how this didn't throw an error…
    - Properly handle embedded quotes in phrases and translations for add-on:DumpPhrases()
    - The OSX WoW launcher insists on changing file permissions. I'm sick of fighting with it.
    - Another collection to collectable rename.
    - Changed load order for localization files. Added missing localizations and sorted them alphabetically.
    - Re-enabled Utilities.lua in the ToC. Added the ability to sort/filter and dump localization phrases/strings for the development copy.
    - Cross-ported changes to private:AddListEntry() from ARL.
John Pasula:
    - More localization and more gui clean up.
    - Nuke the two non-existant acquire methods from the TOOLTIP_ACQUIRE_FUNCS.
    - Some more localizations. FU TORHAL.
    - Link GUI to core code.
    - Add some slash command functionality.
    - Fix formatting on tables in Constants.lua Tabs should be set to 8 characters which will make Torhal a happy panda.
    - Fix error with a lookup table.
    - Update config code to use proper variables.  Sure some have been missed.  Also update localization.
    - Nuke out a few more items and actually set up the options now.
    - Nuke out a bunch of options we don't/will not use.
    - We don't want to work on Waypoint/Utilities just yet.
    - Add some localization entries to shut up the errors.
    - Enable all files in the ToC.
    - Fix the double scan issue with mounts now. Thanks Torhal.
    - Fix the double scan issue for pets.
    - Use more private constants.
    - Some function name changes.
    - Update the table creation to use our constants.
    - Get NPC names via tooltip scanning.
    - Remove some whitespace.
    - Populate pet DB.
    - Minor changes to formatting.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Output changes to pet scanning.
    - Added Clockwork Rocket Bot for another data point.
    - Indentation fixes.
    - Fixed some formatting madness (Tabs are EIGHT fucking spaces wide).
    - Clean up addon:Scan()
    - Enabled per-category lists.
    - Remove mounts and critters from the player object.
    - Give functions and variables sensible naming.
John Pasula:
    - Pets are added to the DB now, but scan isn't picking them up yet.
    - Amazing what a simple typo does when you're debuggingfor hours.
    - Finish renaming
    - Rename xmlfiles to temp names because windowz sucks.
    - Update .xml files to be capitalized.
    - More debug info for scanning.  Fix the paths in database.xml
    - Set up the db and the code so it should be scanning.  It's getting stuck on InitCollections though.
    - Add a few entries to the database for testing.
    - Add the database files.
    - Fix display string.
    - Fix some collection stuff.
    - Clean up scanning a bit.
    - Update return values for GetPetInfoByPetID
    - Remove dataminer,there's a lot less data to deal with and it would have to be rewritten again.
    - Remove trainers DB.
    - Remove more stuff directly associate with ARL.
    - Start some work on the Collection.lua file, for adding new entries to the database.
    - Remove the tools directory, not using them.
    - Rename Recipe.lua Collection.lua
    - add scanning in for mounts and pets.
    - Start making use of the player info. Kind of.
    - Add player init functions.
    - Use LPJ to get the number of critters we have.
    - Lets see if this works now.
    - Make reference to libpetjournal.
    - LoadOnDemand1 and LoadWith Blizz Pet Journal.
    - Clean up localizations (point to proper place, nuke all in dev
    - Create scan button and link it to parent frame.
    - We don't need a hook. Whaaa whaaa I'm Torhal whaaa whaaa
    - Add LibPetJournal-2.0 because at some point I'll be using it.
    - Apparently hooking is the way to go.  Removed the event andtrying to hook PetJournal_OnShow (unsuccessfully now because I can't remember how to hook properly).
    - Listen to PET_JOURNAL_LIST_UPDATE to show scan button.
    - Holy cow! The slash command works without errors! VICTORY IS MINE!
    - Nuke recipe database.  Once this shit is rewritten Pompy will be my db slave for Collectinator 2.0!!!!!!
    - Comment out extra files in toc.
    - Nuked Core.lua completely. *CACKLE*
    - Remove all recipe associated stuff from Constants.lua
    - Update core a bit.
    - Update .docmeta.
    - Update docs.
    - Make mainpage look good.
    - Update WoWID.
    - .pkgmeta update.
    - ToC update.
    - Add ARL codebase.
    - Remove old Collectinator files.

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