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    Jan 21, 2012
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.3.0


    - More work on the mount database, going to finish it up tonight
    - Added two mobs to the mod db
    - Added a bunch of the new 4.3.0 mounts.. going to finish the rest tomorrow
    - Added a new vendor
    - clean up the pet db a little bit
    - "Lumpy" pet is not from Darkmoon Faire, it's from Winter Veil
John Pasula:
    - More db re-org.  Most of the shit has been put into its proper category.  I'm sure I messed something up somewhere.
    - Update the seasonal pets, most of them were made BoE.  Added a few missing flags as well.
    - More DB maintenance.  Also fixed some flags/entries for childrens week.
    - Organize purchased pets.  Change flags to BoP as they aren't BoA, except for the Guardian Cub which is technically BoE.
    - Fix the flag on fetish shaman, move lol deathwing to CE pets. Uncomment the shaman.
    - Add 4.3 new pets.  Soul of Aspects and Fetish Shaman commented out for now.
    - Apparently I didn't have a ptBR.lua file in there.
    - ToC -> 40300
    - add the new mount: Tyrael's Charger
    - add a new custom string