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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.0.6


    - Added a new mount: "Dark Phoenix"
    - Added a bunch of new mounts and pets
    - Removed a reference to LibBabble-Class-3.0
    - Updated the entries for "Smolderweb Egg" and "Worg Carrier"
    - Removed two quests that are no longer in the game
    - New things added.. mounts, pets, quests, vendors.. all that good stuff
    - Gotta add the mob to the mob db too ;)
    - Gotta add the quest to the quest db too ;)
    - Fixed a c/p error for the Tiny Shale Spider entry
John Pasula:
    - Minor mount update.
    - Add a bunch of cata pets.
    - Marked some pets/mounts with the F_REMOVED flag.
John Pasula:
    - Update main page with a disclaimer.
    - Added new mounts: Goblin Trike, Goblin Turbo-Trike
    - Added new pets: Lil' Ragnaros, Moonkin Hatchling (Horde), Moonkin Hatchling (Alliance)
    - Added a custom string
    - Added a new vendor to the vendor database: "Kall Worthaton"
    - Added a new pet: Tiny Flamefly .... and added the quest associated with acquiring that pet
    - Added the following 3 new pets: Mr. Grubbs, Brazie's Sunflower, Withers .... and added the quests associated with their acquire, to the quest database.
    - Added a custom string
    - Added a new vendor, "Apothecary Furrows"
    - Fixed the guid detection so it shows pets/mounts correctly in an npc's tooltip
    - Added "Deathy" pet.
John Pasula:
    - Wowwiki -> wowpedia
    - Doc updates
    - update some stuff

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