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  • 3.2.0


John Pasula:
    - Fix up some comments, and change the debug print out for determing the number of filters we have.  Code is the same as ARL, yet doesn't work so I'm thinking this is an issue with the funky way we're handling the counts for different types of collectibles.
    - Modify the function which determines if we're displaying something on the mini-map or not.  It should now show reputation and mob drops.
James D. Callahan III:
    - In addon:MarkExclusions(): Un-commented and fixed some code so this function will actually return values.
    - In addon:Scan(): Changed how exclusions are defined in the playerData table
    - Changed declaration style of progress_bar:Update() and the method of access for the exclusions.
    - In addon.CollectibleItem_OnClick(): Removed a nest level, and renamed ToggleExcludeCollectible() to ToggleExclude().
    - Tidied up addon:ToggleExclude()
John Pasula:
    - Fix bug breaking shit.
James D. Callahan III:
    - In GenerateTooltipContent(): Removed the line with the word "Custom" from the Achievement block, since it isn't present in the Custom block and is also not really necessary.
    - Added NEUTRAL, ALLIANCE, and HORDE in Quest.lua to replace 0, 1, and 2 in the AddQuest() calls.
John Pasula:
    - Fix typo stuff.
    - Add a work around for how we deal with achievement text for pets/mounts which actually aren't achievements.  This should appease Torhal since I'm doing coding, and Elkano since I'm fixing a bug.
    - Add debug messages for the progress bar issue.
    - Fix Torhal's massive typo fail.
    - Add tomtom support in. Well, more like link tomtom support.
    - Remove quest localization from the localization file.
    - Remove all localization for quest names from the quest DB.
    - Add wrapper function for quests.
    - ToC -> 30200
    - ToC -> 30300
    - ToC -> 30200
    - ToC -> 30300
    - ToC -> 30200
James D. Callahan III:
    - In addon:addLookupList(): If DB is QuestList, grab the quest's name from its tooltip - removal of quest name localizations forthcoming.
    - Fixed faction lookup: "Gnomergan" --> "Gnomeregan Exiles".
    - Added faction check to the vendor portion of the tooltip hook so mounts/pets of the opposing faction will not be shown (Mei Francis in Dalaran sells mounts for both factions)
John Pasula:
    - Add exclusion filtering around stuff back in.
    - Update the player data table definition comment and add a couple more vars to deal with excluded items.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added missing pet detection to addon:GetWarcraftPets() - if a known pet is missing from the table map, print a message.
    - Changed the scan button's OnClick to reflect the changes in addon:Scan()
    - In addon:Scan(): Change textdump back to a boolean, and use scantype to determine whether or not to dump a string.
    - Fixed typo: Disalbe --> Disable.
    - Changed "Winterspring" to "Wintersaber Trainers".
    - Changed "Bloodsail" to "Bloodsail Buccaneers".
    - In InitializeFrame(): Changed "Darkspear" to "Darkspear Trolls".
    - Removed second entry for "ashenverdict" from the saved variables. No, Ackis, I didn't miss it the first time. :P
John Pasula:
    - Actually print out the warcraft pets string.
    - Only check the appropiate number of flags for the text dump, don't go into all the things.
    - Add functionality for slash commands, you can now do /collectinator scan to scan your stuffz.
    - Add functionality for the text dump and for warcraftpets dump in.  Shift-click for warcraft pets, alt-shift click for text dump.
    - With the warcraft pets sync function, only get the CRITTERS and ignore hte mounts.
    - Fix a typo.
    - Add the city/pvp factions to the gui.
    - Forgot part of the auto-check/uncheck stuff for the wrath common factions.
    - Disable some of theBC reps.  Make some of the wrath reps auto-check/uncheck.
    - Fix a few copy/paste issues and add the original reps to the all/none check list.
    - Add bloodsail, winterspring to rep GUI, mark all the other original reps as disabled since there are no pets/etc for them.
    - Add the new rep coming out to the SV's, Torhal I think you missed that part.
    - Localize the db load error message.
    - Convert some more items to using the flag constants.
    - Add appropiate colouring for artifact and legendary mounts/pets.
    - Some of the argent tourney mounts aren't reputation, just require you to be a champion.
    - ToC -> 30300
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added "The Ashen Verdict" to the reputation filters.
    - Updated the coordinates for Raider Bork - he moved in 3.2.2
    - Added TitleDB and preliminary addon:AddTitle().
John Pasula:
    - Comment out the non-existant flying carpets.  Fix the dark talbuks.
    - Apparently the argent warhorse is not pally only.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Completely removed the faction-specific if-blocks - every mount will be loaded into memory now, since Blizzard fails at properly swapping some known mounts when a player has a paid faction change. Un-damn you, WoWHead - you had it right.
    - In addon:GetMountTotal(): Added local function AddMountFlags(), which also checks for faction compatibility and decrements num_mounts if incompatible.
    - In MountDatabase.lua Moved MY_FACTION declaration, and changed it to use the localized string.
    - In initDisplayStrings(): Re-worked to only insert entries that the player could obtain based on faction (Alliance/Horde) flags.
    - Added addon.IsCorrectFaction(player_faction, flags)
    - Changed some variable names in addon:MarkExclusions()
    - In addon:OnInitialize(): Localize the tooltip text for the Companion/Mount tabs using Blizzard's GlobalStrings.lua
    - Fixed the Wooly Mammoth for Horde. Apparently Horde and Alliance share the same SpellID, but have a different ItemID. Damn you, WoWHead!
John Pasula:
    - Fix the wooly mammoth, wowhead seems to be wrong.
James D. Callahan III:
    - In addon:OnInitialize(): Modified the tooltip hook to show companions sold by vendors.
    - In addon:AddCompanionAcquire(): Added SellList for vendors and reputation vendors.
    - In addon:OnInitialize(): Replace "Owned" in the tooltip hook with "Known".
    - In addon:AddCompanion(): Remove "Owned" field from the entry table - "Known" is used almost everywhere else.
    - Corrected all filter/acquire information for every Argent Tournament mount to show that exalted reputation with each is required.
    - Updated faction/filter information for seven Alliance-only Argent Tournament mounts.
    - Updated Main.txt

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