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  • 3.3.0


James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed faction lookup: "Gnomergan" --> "Gnomeregan Exiles".
    - Added faction check to the vendor portion of the tooltip hook so mounts/pets of the opposing faction will not be shown (Mei Francis in Dalaran sells mounts for both factions)
John Pasula:
    - Add exclusion filtering around stuff back in.
    - Update the player data table definition comment and add a couple more vars to deal with excluded items.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added missing pet detection to addon:GetWarcraftPets() - if a known pet is missing from the table map, print a message.
    - Changed the scan button's OnClick to reflect the changes in addon:Scan()
    - In addon:Scan(): Change textdump back to a boolean, and use scantype to determine whether or not to dump a string.
    - Fixed typo: Disalbe --> Disable.
    - Changed "Winterspring" to "Wintersaber Trainers".
    - Changed "Bloodsail" to "Bloodsail Buccaneers".
    - In InitializeFrame(): Changed "Darkspear" to "Darkspear Trolls".
    - Removed second entry for "ashenverdict" from the saved variables. No, Ackis, I didn't miss it the first time. :P
John Pasula:
    - Actually print out the warcraft pets string.
    - Only check the appropiate number of flags for the text dump, don't go into all the things.
    - Add functionality for slash commands, you can now do /collectinator scan to scan your stuffz.
    - Add functionality for the text dump and for warcraftpets dump in.  Shift-click for warcraft pets, alt-shift click for text dump.
    - With the warcraft pets sync function, only get the CRITTERS and ignore hte mounts.
    - Fix a typo.
    - Add the city/pvp factions to the gui.
    - Forgot part of the auto-check/uncheck stuff for the wrath common factions.
    - Disable some of theBC reps.  Make some of the wrath reps auto-check/uncheck.
    - Fix a few copy/paste issues and add the original reps to the all/none check list.
    - Add bloodsail, winterspring to rep GUI, mark all the other original reps as disabled since there are no pets/etc for them.
    - Add the new rep coming out to the SV's, Torhal I think you missed that part.
    - Localize the db load error message.
    - Convert some more items to using the flag constants.
    - Add appropiate colouring for artifact and legendary mounts/pets.
    - Some of the argent tourney mounts aren't reputation, just require you to be a champion.
    - ToC -> 30300
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added "The Ashen Verdict" to the reputation filters.
    - Updated the coordinates for Raider Bork - he moved in 3.2.2
    - Added TitleDB and preliminary addon:AddTitle().
John Pasula:
    - Comment out the non-existant flying carpets.  Fix the dark talbuks.
    - Apparently the argent warhorse is not pally only.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Completely removed the faction-specific if-blocks - every mount will be loaded into memory now, since Blizzard fails at properly swapping some known mounts when a player has a paid faction change. Un-damn you, WoWHead - you had it right.
    - In addon:GetMountTotal(): Added local function AddMountFlags(), which also checks for faction compatibility and decrements num_mounts if incompatible.
    - In MountDatabase.lua Moved MY_FACTION declaration, and changed it to use the localized string.
    - In initDisplayStrings(): Re-worked to only insert entries that the player could obtain based on faction (Alliance/Horde) flags.
    - Added addon.IsCorrectFaction(player_faction, flags)
    - Changed some variable names in addon:MarkExclusions()
    - In addon:OnInitialize(): Localize the tooltip text for the Companion/Mount tabs using Blizzard's GlobalStrings.lua
    - Fixed the Wooly Mammoth for Horde. Apparently Horde and Alliance share the same SpellID, but have a different ItemID. Damn you, WoWHead!
John Pasula:
    - Fix the wooly mammoth, wowhead seems to be wrong.
James D. Callahan III:
    - In addon:OnInitialize(): Modified the tooltip hook to show companions sold by vendors.
    - In addon:AddCompanionAcquire(): Added SellList for vendors and reputation vendors.
    - In addon:OnInitialize(): Replace "Owned" in the tooltip hook with "Known".
    - In addon:AddCompanion(): Remove "Owned" field from the entry table - "Known" is used almost everywhere else.
    - Corrected all filter/acquire information for every Argent Tournament mount to show that exalted reputation with each is required.
    - Updated faction/filter information for seven Alliance-only Argent Tournament mounts.
    - Updated Main.txt

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