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  • 3.2.0


James D. Callahan III:
    - Changed several pets to use achievement ID numbers rather than custom strings.
    - Fixed Jubling - linked to his quest.
    - For Giant Sewer Rat: Changed to use achievement filter and achievement ID rather than world drop filter and custom string. For Strand Crawler: Linked to the Wrath fishing dailies and unlinked from a custom string.
    - Fixed data for several minipets, as well as changing several of them to use achievement ID numbers rather than custom strings.
    - In addon:CheckDisplay(): Don't check for obtain_db.achievement when looking at flags[F_REMOVED], check for obtain_db.removed instead.
    - In GenerateTooltipContent(): Added support for achievement descriptions.
    - In addon:AddCompanionAcquire(): Added check for nil Seasonal ID. Added assignment of achievement description for use in tooltips - this will replace some custom strings.
    - Tidied up GenerateTooltipContent() a bit.
    - Moved some mounts into faction-specific blocks so they aren't allocated for factions which cannot obtain them. Fixed some of their data while I was at it.
    - Add information for Swift Zhevra, Big Blizzard Bear, and Riding Turtle.
    - In addon:AddCompanionAcquire(): Check to see if an acquire type is being assigned more than once for a given SpellID, and warn if so, to detect copy-pasta failure.
    - In addon:GenericMakeCB(): Check to see if FilterValueMap[scriptVal] exists so we can fail gracefully (and print a warning if using SVN version).
    - In Frame.lua Changed file-local "seasonal" to "SEASONAL_CATEGORY".
    - In addon:InitSeasons(): Only grab the first return value of GetCategoryInfo().
    - Moved the daily fishing quests in the file.
    - In InitializeFrame(): Added obtain filter checkboxes for special events and achievements.
    - Updated more custom strings. The ones which were replaced by achievements have been changed to "UNUSED".
    - Fixed SpellID in call to addon:AddCompanionAcquire() for Peddlefeet, and set its achievement ID.
    - Removed redundant alpha tags.
John Pasula:
    - Typo fix.
    - Fix the carpet. It now matches the curtains.
    - Fix flying machine acquire info.
    - Fix the hog acquire info/spell info
    - Fix the chopper acquire info/spell info
    - Fix the crafted flag for mounts.
James D. Callahan III:
    - In addon:AddCompanionAcquire(): Complain if there is no acquire_type.
    - In addon:addLookupList(): Don't complain about missing locations for reputations or seasonal and custom entries.
    - Fixed acquire type for Blue Drake.
John Pasula:
    - Fix craft flag and removed flag.
    - Port comments over to other files.
    - Remove reputation acquire flags as it's basically useless.
    - More comments/missing flags added.
    - Add a few missing flags. And comments on what the common flags are.
    - Add unique faction related vendors for the shimmering wyrmling.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Corrected the SpellID for the Magic Rooster.
John Pasula:
    - Added crafting to the filter list.
    - Added crafting flag to eng created pets.
    - Fix some comments/formatting
    - Dry-code support for creating a string which will allow you to update warcraft pets easily.
James D. Callahan III:
    - For the Westfall Chicken: Added F_QUEST to the companion flags and added A_QUEST with the quest ID for "CLUCK!" to its acquire info. It now shows up in the list...must investigate why this was needed...
    - Reformatted the quest DB.
    - Removed Westfall from the Chicken Egg custom string, since it can be obtained elsewhere now.
    - Localize the seasonal names (except for Darkmoon Faire) using GetCategoryInfo().
    - Feh. Fixed error in custom strings.
    - Updated 15 custom strings to have more meaningful information.
    - Updated some pet entries (changed 8 to A_CUSTOM) and added F_REMOVED to Murkimus.
    - Added Mr. Chilly.
    - Updated/fixed some custom strings for accuracy.
    - Added Forest Frog to the mob database. Updated the entry for Mojo to reflect this.
    - Added "The Sunreavers" to the reputation database.
    - Added Geen to the vendor database.
    - In addon:AddCompanionAcquire(): For Reputation acquire type, added check for existence of the reputation id and another for the existence of the reputation vendor id.
    - In expandEntry(): Add check for existence of reputation ID. Output "Unknown Faction" if not.
    - Darahir is in Dalaran, not Undercity.
    - Fixed Acquire info for The Horseman's Reins, Reins of The Blue Drake, Reins of the Raven Lord, Fiery Warhorse's Reins, Swift Zulian Tiger, and Swift Razzashi Raptor.
    - Added a few new mobs to the database.
    - Updated entry for Sprite Darter Egg.
    - In GenerateTooltipContent(): Fixed "ACQUIRE_PVP" - should have been "A_PVP", and added check for existence of vendor. Added support for A_ACHIEVEMENT.
    - Added "Mob drop is Horde-only."
    - In addon:AddCompanionAcquire(): Added support for achievements.
    - In addon:GetTextDump(): Fixed typo - "Achivement" -> "Achievement".
    - Renamed files in ToC.
    - File renames: Removed "Collectinator" as a prefix for Frame.lua Colour.lua and Config.lua

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