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James D. Callahan III:
    - Miscellaneous formatting/comment changes.
    - Renamed CheckReuptationDisplay() to CanDisplayReputation().
    - Moved creation of Scan button into addon:OnInitialize().
    - Tidied up addon:CheckDisplay()
    - Removed InitPlayerData() - its contents are now in addon:OnEnable().
    - Moved playerData table to the top of the file.
John Pasula:
    - Fix a babble issue.
    - Minor comment updates.
    - Add debug statements for vendor and quests.
    - Fix the mob ID debug statements.
    - Comment out the pilgrim turkey since it's not in the game... yet.
James D. Callahan III:
    - In GenerateTooltipContent(): Check to see if the reputation has an entry, else output "Unknown Faction". Minor formatting changes.
    - Renamed "Battlebot" to "Warbot" and normalized some commas/comments.
    - Added delayed AddonLoader support.
    - In addon:AddCompanionAcquire(): Re-arranged some things, added check to see if a mob exists in the MobDB. Doesn't work properly yet.
    - In addon:GetTextDump(): Moved texttable outside of the function into a do-loop so we can re-use it. Minor formatting changes.
    - In addon:GetLocations(): Reworked logic a bit, and re-use tables.
    - Removed addon:InitDatabases() - its contents are now called directly from addon:OnEnable().
    - Moved declaration of database tables to top of file.
    - Add some mobs in.
John Pasula:
    - Add quest info.
    - Typo fix.
    - Typo fix.
    - Update vendor db.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Made minor formatting changes.
    - In addon:AddCompanion(): Added alpha-version-only printing to chatlog when a duplicate is found, changed formatting, and changed maxfilterflags to NUM_FILTER_FLAGS.
    - Tidied up addon:GetfactionLevels(), made it re-use the same table, and remove a call to it from addon:OnEnable().
    - Renamed maxfilterflags to NUM_FILTER_FLAGS, moved some constants around, and moved the declaration of addon.optionsFrame to the AddOn namespace section.
    - Tidied up addon:addLookupList(), and added a check for the existence of the DB item - if it's already allocated, do nothing.
    - Fixed infinite loop issue with addon:SwitchProfs() and moved its contents to the OnClick script for Collectinator_SwitcherButton.
    - Backported addon:DumpMembers() from ARL.
    - Small change to get addon:GetTextDump() to work...still requires a re-factoring to be proper.
    - Backported ARL's addon:DisplayTextDump()
    - Removed addon:ToggleFrame() - ARL artifact.
    - Moved call to InitDatabases() from addon:Scan() to addon:OnEnable() and nil it out after it's used.
    - Changed InitDatabases() to addon:InitDatabases() and re-factored it to simply initialize the tables since they already exist.
    - Construct tables upon declaration for CompanionDB, CustomList, MobList, QuestList, ReputationList, SeasonalList, VendorList, and RepFilters.
    - Removed addon:ScanCompanions() - its contents are now inline to addon:Scan(), since it was never used elsewhere. This also allowed the transferrence of critter_total and mount_total from the playerData table to local variables within the function.
    - Renamed addon:Collectinator_Command() to addon:Scan().
John Pasula:
    - Fix a couple of flags, code works again with scanning.  Go team ackis!
    - Another typo fix.
    - Fix typo for war mammoth.
    - Add flags/acquire for the TCG mounts.
    - All mounts should be added with info now, not all acquire/flags are added yet.  The three mounts that never really existed are in there but commented out, need a spell ID for the standard frostsaber.
    - More missing mounts added.
    - Add a bunch more mounts, acquire info and flags.
    - Add TB Kodo and vendor flags for the argent hippogryph
    - Add SW steed.
    - Add IF Ram
    - Add org wolf and fix flags for other horde mounts from ice crown.
    - Add exodar elekk
    - Add Darnassian Nightsaber
    - Fix spelling mistake with Noblegarden.
    - Add argent hypogrphysadfasdf spell id
    - Remove dupe pet, will deal with this case later.
    - Add horde pally mounts, testing out repo stuff.
    - Convert erroneous A_MOB to be EXALTED.  Add rep level flags for remaining reps.
    - Another typo fix.
    - Another typo fix.
    - Typo fix due to dry-coding... how did this get through the commit scripts?
    - Convert all numbers to use the flags
    - Pet DB update.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Moved the scan button from the right side of the companion next page button to the left side of the frame's close button.
    Made sure we're not trying to index nil when scanning a companion that has no flags set.
    - Fixed a couble comma.
John Pasula:
    - Fix embeds per ticket 8.
    - Add mirioms head and ony mount plus update a bunch of info for raid dropped mounts.
    - Add info for the seaonal mounts (Brewfest/halloween)
    - Add the eng/tailoring mounts.
    - Add sea turtle info.
    - Add achievement ID's to the mount database
    - Flag updates for mounts.  Also added a few missing mounts into the mix.
    - Fix order of flags.
    - Add rep level flags.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added Spell ID numbers for Felsteed, Dreadsteed, and Ochre Skeletal Warhorse. Fixed rarity for Red, Purple, and Green Skeletal Warhorses.
John Pasula:
    - Update mount db, see if the retarded commit scripts will let this through now.
    - Test commit.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed some upvalues.
    In addon:AddCompanion(): Added "Unknown" with the SpellID for the companion name if GetSpellInfo() returns nothing.
    - Changed a couple of acquire flags to constants from ints.
John Pasula:
    - Add more luadocs for the exclusion list code.
    - Update some comments for luadoc and revise the markexclusion function.
    - Update some comments.  Now that the logic has changed so that we only flag professions if and only if they are usable by that profession, we can get rid of all the extra flags for them.
    - Make the location finding function work a bit better if we don't have the location in the db.
    - Move the database checks for the location function to the start so we do it once instead everytime in the loop.
    - Modify comments a bit.
    - Nil out collectinator if we're missing a library.
    - Fix up the text dump code and also moved some of the constaints to a scope since they aren't needed elsewhere.
    - Fix a few issues with the mountdb.
    - Really fix localization stuff.
John Pasula:
    - Fix a syntax issue.
    - Fix localization issues with it spewing out 12 million errors.
    - Is there's no profession flag we assume that any prof can use it.
    - Add a bunch of missing mounts.
    - Fix battle-bot acquire info.
    - Fix some seasonal flags and the oracle/wolvar hatchling.
    - Add new brewfest pet.
    - Quick localizatio update.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Get rid of the debug wrapper around testenUS.lua since the localization stuff isn't set up for this project yet.
    - In addon:Collectinator_Command(): Added check for nil scantype (happens when a companion is learned).
    - Renamed SetCollectibleButtonTooltip() to SetButtonScripts() and rewrote it to use pre-defined functions instead of on-the-fly anonymous functions, and to highlight entries which are moused-over. Renamed ClearCollectibleButtonTooltip() to ClearButtonScripts(). Moved SetButtonScripts(), its helper functions, and ClearButtonScripts() into a do-block as implementation functions for CollectibleList_Update().
    - In ReDisplay(): Fix call to GetExclusions() - should have been MarkExclusions(). Reworked global Collectinator_ProgressBar[Text] to be addon.Frame.progress_bar[.text]. The SetProgressBar() function is now addon.Frame.progress_bar:Update() and it uses the new filter logic.
    - In addon:ScanCompanions(): Catch all return values for GetCompanionInfo(), and check for nil spellIDs. In addon:UpdateFilters(): Re-write to use scantype so it will actually work. Throughout file: Renamed totalknownpets, totalpets, totalknownmounts, and totalmounts to critter_known, mount_known, critter_total, and mount_total to work with the new filter code.
    - Simplify CheckDisplayFaction().
    - In expandEntry(): Move initial index incrementing to AFTER the local variables that rely on it so the list will have the proper offsets.
    - In SetCollectibleButtonTooltip(): Use QTip:Release() instead of hiding the tooltip.
    - Replaced usage of MakeMiniPetTable() and MakeMountTable() with GetMiniPetTotal() and GetMountTotal().
    - Renamed addon:MakeMountTable() to addon:GetMountTotal(), moved initialization of num_mounts to its declaration outside of the function, and return its value rather than nil if initialized is true. In AddMount(): Removed the Class check, since passing it as nil should be handled in addon:AddCompanion() and not here.
    - Renamed addon:MakeMiniPetTable() to addon:GetMiniPetTotal(), moved initialization of num_pets to its declaration outside of the function, and return its value rather than nil if initialized is true.
    - In GenerateTooltipContent(): Renamed repvndr and rplvl variables to rep_vendor and rep_level. Added nil check for rep_vendor.
    - Remove reference to missing function.  Pet display now works again.
    - Fix a few more typos.
    - Fix Winterspring typo.
    - Move the count variables out of the function and into the scope so it'll work correctly.
John Pasula:
    - Remove babble class from required libs.
    - Fix babble references.
    - Add pre-processing stuff to review.
    - Remove rep filter flags from the frame, I don't think we use them there.
    - Update some pet db flags.
    - Fix mechanical squirrel box flag issue thanks to theorbtwo.
    - Move maxfilterflags to somewhere more accessible.
    - Move the rep flags to the do/end block
    - Convert a bunch of the code to use constants.  WTB include constants.h
    - Remove text based debug dump.
    - Add some constants to the main file.
    - More mount info added
    - Mounts up to spell ID 17461 havecorrect flags.