Doesn't Work At All #112

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  • Guardians_Warcry created this issue Jan 20, 2021

    Can't seem to do anything with this Mod.  It was one I used to use from many older Expansions (up to Legion) before returning for SL. 

    However, nothing appears on my screen for bars. I can't open up the options by typing /ClassTimer and it gives an message saying to "Type /Help for listing of a few commands."

  • Guardians_Warcry added a tag New Jan 20, 2021
  • Biit71 posted a comment Mar 5, 2021

    same Problem here.

    Please help

  • Guardians_Warcry posted a comment Mar 6, 2021

    sadly I have no idea what to do. I have it deactivated at this time.. but I've deactivated all my addons to check if one of them was messing with it... with only class timer turned on... still didn't work. so till they update/fix this thing... I'll be hunting for a new add-on (since I don't foresee anything happening anytime soon... last updated back in Oct.)

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