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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 6.2.4


Benjamin Staneck:
    - tweak some rogue spell ids
    - if we the buff returns no caster id (some weapon enchants), we set it to the player
    - Tagging as 2.3.60200.1
    - Update TOC for Patch 6.2
    - Tagging as 2.3.60100.2
    - Warlock cleanup
    - Tagging as 2.3.60100.1
    - Added: Bloodbath, Avatar, Unyielding Strikes, Nature's Vigil, Savage Defense Fixed: Enrage
    - Update TOC for Patch 6.1
    - Tagging as 2.3.60000.3
    - pulverize, combat readiness and sniper training
    - add germination powered rejuv
    - add rend and some priest/mage spells
    - Tagging as 2.3.60000.2
    - allow buffs with 0 duration, blade flurry etc
    - add rogue poisons to dots, too
    - fix sun and moonfire
    - Tagging as 2.3.60000.1
    - Add CONFIGMODE support as per http://wowpedia.org/ConfigMode
Benjamin Staneck:
    - second round of 6.0 changes
    - WoD spell pass for Rogues
    - enhancements for Rogues and Hunters
    - add Black Arrow for Hunters
    - Tagging as 2.3.50400.2
    - remove mind sooth and trigger a library update
    - add Elemental Blast and Ascendance
    - add green fire conflag
    - Priest: Remove Dark Evangelism. Add Evangelism.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Tagging as 2.3.50400.1
    - update for 5.4
    - Tagging as 2.3.50300.1
    - Let's escalate some TOCs! (5.3 Update)
    - Tagging as 2.3.50200.3
    - this is emberassing
    - Tagging as 2.3.50200.2
    - my best friend is a comma
    - Tagging as 2.3.50200.1
    - I'm in your toc, updating your Interface Version to 50200.
    - - Added donation button to the Curse Website - Added more Warlock spells
    - api fix
    - add feint for rogues
    - lots of warrior updates
    - Tagging as 2.3.50100.2
    - greetings mr nginx and 502 no gateway
    - monk spell updates by Zookii
    - Druid: - Add "Heart of Wild" - Add "Might of Ursoc" - Add "Incarnation" (in its 4 forms) - Remove "Soothe Animal", "Savage Defense", "Abolish Poison"
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Tagging as 2.3.50100.1
    - 5.1 TOC
    - remove rune of power (can't display that correctly :() and add incanter's absorbtion
    - Tagging as 2.3.50001.6
    - hellow
    - dafuq
    - mage lvl 90 talents
    - fix some globals
    - Tagging as 2.3.50001.5
    - some more mage and druid love
    - class updates across the board
    - Tagging as 2.3.50001.4
    - add focus fire for hunters and shadow blades for rogues
    - add "Debuff" to type of buffs (yeye)
    - Tagging as 2.3.50001.3
    - more updates!
    - fixes!
    - error fix
    - more weakened blows for other weak classes
    - Add WeakenedB Blows, <3 Anathdra
    - koKR update
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Warrior and Warlock class changes
    - some paladin/rogue spell updates
    - Tagging as 2.3.50001.2
    - druid changes
    - class updates, so much to do wah wah wah
    - Tagging as 2.3.50001.1
    - some monk spells
    - a wild 5.0 band-aid appears
    - Tagging as 2.3.40300.1
    - toc update and something else, probably shaman related!
    - Tagging as 2.3.40200.1
    - toc update
    - Tagging as 2.3.40100.1 - Hello? Helllooooo? Good Night.
    - a wild toc bump appears
    - add battle trance
    - Tagging as 2.3.40000.5
    - spell updates for DKs, Druids, Hunters, Paladins and Warlocks
    - Priest: Dark Archangel, Dark Evangelism, Empowered Shadow
    - zhTW update
Benjamin Staneck:
    - add inner rage
    - Tagging as 2.3.40000.4
    - typo gaaah
    - Tagging as 2.3.40000.3
    - let's keep inner fire
    - Blessings!
    - let's see if I can remember what I did... DK: Dark Transformation Hunter: Aimed Shot Mage: Impact, Combustion and Pyroblast! Paladin: Sacred Duty, Judgements and Seals, Ardent Defender Priest: Chakras and Holy Word Rogue: Recuperate and Poisons Warrior: Thunderstruck and Meat Cleaver
    - wl and rogue updates
    - add inner fire
    - Tagging as 2.3.40000.2
    - update warlock curses
    - add executioner and remove old stuff
    - Add Sunfire
    - Tagging as 2.3.40000.1
    - shadow orbz!
    - warrior updates for 4.0
    - Options fix for 4.0 and updates in the priest module
    - Tagging as 2.3.30300.4
    - ruRU update/fix typos
    - 3.3.3: Update to recognize new Druid "Eclipse" names.
    - add Molten Core
Benjamin Staneck:
    - added some warlock and priest spells
    - add Overkill for rogues
    - Tagging as 2.3.30300.3
    - zhTW and TOC update
    - fix bloodelf racial
    - Fix for debuffs not coloring based on their type
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Tagging as 2.3.30300.2
    - Added Frostfire Bolt DoT for Mages
    - Add Blade Barrier for DKs, Clearcasting for Mages and Envenom for Rogues.
    - -- zhCN update
    - Few changes to how the addon works: - Custom timers are char specific now. On first login after updating, the profile specific timers will be copied to the char you logged in with - New "AlwaysShown" timers, which show a timer regardless of who casted the buff/debuff. - Buffs/debuffs applied by your pet and vehicle are counted as yours too
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Tagging as 2.3.30300.1
    - leave it like that
    - toc update and cleanup
    - add Predator's Swiftness for feral druids
    - zhTW.lua update
    - fix display when icon is on the right side and the show icon only option is enabled.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Added Borrowed Time and Grace for priests
    - - Mage: fixed Missile Barrage - Paladin: removed Righteous Fury, its an aura now - killing trailing whitespaces
    - add back earth shock since its actually useful now
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Tagging as 2.3.30200.1
    - Remove the two Pala Seals, update ToC and add Mind Trauma (SPriest MS)
    - Ninja-add Divine Plea as a buff
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Warrior: +Shattering Throw, DK: +Ghoul Frenzy(Pet)
    - DKs have pets, too
    - Warrior: +Unrelenting Assault
    - Hunter: move Entrapment to Talents, add Charge from Ferocity pets, fix Roar of Recovery, add some Talents. Warrior: add Trauma Priest: add Guardian Spirit, remove Blackout Druid: whitespace fix Shaman: disable Weapon entchants b/c they aren't trackable by now, remove some uselessly added Shocks, add Tidal Waves
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Tagging as 2.2.1
    - Priest: +Shadow Weaving; DK: fix UB; Warrior: +Taste for Blood
    - Mage: +Mirror Image, +Arcane Blast Rogue: +Dismantle
    - Warlock: added Decimation
    - Warlock: Remove CoR and CoS Priest: Remove IHC and add Serendipity
Christian Wiese:
    - Paladin: Add Divine Sacrifice to misc buffs
Benjamin Staneck:
    - add LDB launcher
    - Tagging as v2.2
    - Add Black Arrow for Hunters, update TOC and remove pre 3.1 check
    - fix duration
    - add debuffType
    - typo fix
    - Updated for 3.1 Aura changes, should work on live. <3 Shefki
    - add ruRU locale
    - koKR Update (by shwy73)
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Load libs from toc and use no-lib-strip
    - add Buffs for mages and removed obsolete spell
    - add Holy Vengeance debuff, cosmetic fixes
    - Tagging as v2.1.290
    - Added all the missing abilities from the curse comments
Christian Wiese:
    - Added Righteous Vengeance to Paladin
    - Tagging as v.2.1.287.
    - Added all the abilities from curse and wowacecomments
    - add Earthliving too
    - Shaman updates
    - Tagging as v2.1.283
    - Added all the missing abilities from the comments on curse
    - Tagging as v2.1.281
    - Added 'Clearcasting', 'Improved Holy Concentration', 'Glyph of Revenge' and 'Sword and Board'
    - Added warlock ability Haunt
    - Tagging as v2.1.278-beta
    - Added some for mages
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Mage: add Living Bomb Warlock: remove Curse of Shadow
    - Tagging as v2.1.275-beta
    - Added a few abilities
    - Added in some dk spells, thanks waallen
    - now only your debuffs show
Ethan Centaurai:
    - Fix SharedMedia-3.0 path in svn:externals
Benjamin Staneck:
    - alter priest spells for 3.0
    - Tagging as v2.1.0-beta.
    - Err would help if i actually changed the toc number
    - Merged wotlk clone into mainline repo
    - Deleted tags with wrong version numbers
    - Tagging as v2.0.1.
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Fix .pkgmeta
    - Tagging as v3.0.2.
    - ClassTimer: updated toc
    - Tagging as v3.0.1.
    - Removed tags so i can regenerate files
    - Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
    - Tagging as v3.0.1.
    - Tagging as v3.0.1-stable.
    - messed up an external
    - v2.0.1-beta changed externals and .pkgmeta
    - Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
    - removing /tmp
    - Importing old repo data under /trunk

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