[Classic] Jostle breaks Sexymap Movers #83

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  • MrFIXlT created this issue Aug 8, 2020

    I'm happy with everything about this display except it breaks the "Armor Man" (durability display) mover of Sexymap


    I have tried unchecking "Adjust Blizzard Frames" as well as go into my single ChocolateBar and select "Free placement" and "Locked" where I want it to prevent it from taking over foreign frames.



    It still moves the durability display armor man to its original location where the default Minimap would have been.

  • MrFIXlT added a tag Defect Aug 8, 2020
  • MrFIXlT posted a comment Aug 8, 2020

    The only way to "workaround" it was to comment Jostle.lua out in the .toc and do the same for the --ChocolateBar.Jostle = {} line in core.lua 


    Obviously this is not ideal for people that actually want to make use of the Jostle frame moving facilities (but it solves my immediate problem of it hijacking Sexymap movers)

  • miarenn posted a comment Mar 28, 2021



    try to only comment out the MinimapCluster in Jostle.lua:


    local blizzardFrames =
    {local blizzardFrames = {

    Edited Mar 28, 2021

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