Jostle: OrderHallCommandBar can be loaded but not shown, causing lua errors #74

  • Defect
  • Mitalie created this issue Sep 9, 2018

    Version: v3.2.3


    Some Battle for Azeroth war campaign features -- or other addons -- may load Blizzard_OrderHallUI, creating among others the frame OrderHallCommandBar. However, unless the player visits Legion class hall, the frame is never shown, leading to GetCenter returning nothing on Jostle.lua:281 and blizzardFramesData table getting no entry for this frame.


    On Jostle.lua:303 the non-existent entry is cached in a local variable (frameData) and on Jostle.lua:322 this local is indexed (frameData.lastScale) without a nil check, throwing a lua error.


    A simple nil check before indexing (frameData and frameData.lastScale and ...) fixes the error. Because the condition is prefixed with "not", a nil value for frameData enters the conditional body but harmlessly bails on Jostle.lua:328 as GetRight returns nothing.

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