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    Dec 3, 2012
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.1.0


    - toc/pkgmeta: add LibDialog for UrlCopy module
    - Localization: use ... for addon name where appropriate
    - Modules: stop using Chatter global to reference the main addon
    - UrlCopy: use LibDialog instead of FrameXML StaticPopup
    - just hook FCF_OnMouseScroll, like we should have to begin with
    - stop hiding InterfaceOptionsFrame when loading the standalone config, since InterfaceOptionsFrame uses OptionsFrameTemplate.lastFrame to reopen GameMenuFrame, which in turn hides our AceConfigDialog. yay.
    - hooking InterfaceOptionsSocialPanelChatMouseScroll_SetScrolling does not work
    - just forcibly unregister VARIABLES_LOADED from chatframes so they don't override our scrolling
    - PlayerNames: tracked down previous nil error to battle.net offline toasts, looks like they're actually passing a broken class name now instead of an empty string when the friend was on a wow client
    - ChannelColors: use CHAT_MSG_x globalstrings rather than our own utterly pointless localizations where possible
    - PlayerNames: slightly more elegant solution to previous GetColor bugfix
Sal Scotto:
    - added new chat type support: DRYCODE
    - nil className check in PlayerName:GetColor
Benjamin Staneck:
    - 5.1 TOC
    - fix option hiding for AltNames module
    - acetimer is a finicky piece of shit
    - pull in AceTimer and throttle the GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE loop so we don't overflow the stack on login
    - GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE fires before GetGuildRosterInfo returns anything. loop a few times when this happens so the list can actually be populated on login instead of just reload.
    - support user-configured alt note prefix/suffix strings
    - add options for guild note delimiter characters
    - add alt rank selection options to altnames module, instead of whatever this localization crap was
    - add toggleLabel values to remaining 'Disable' modules so we don't end up with heinous crap like "Enable Disable Server Positioning"
    - apparently we still need the ifcheck, should probably just unhook on PLAYER_LOGOUT instead
    - better fix for ChannelNames after PLAYER_LOGOUT.  not great, but better.
    - avoid obscure nil error in ChannelNames on reloadui

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