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    Sep 9, 2012
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.0.4


Sal Scotto:
    - fix for ticket 249
    - fixed a few bugs during profile reset
    - fix for resizer hide call before they have been made ausing an error
    - fixed issue with using borders
    - fixed button movdule on temp frames
    - during a copy strip the icons out to keep alignemnt from moving
    - fixed a check to see if the border is enabled before showing it
    - set the mouseover alpha to 1 on undocked tabs, not the requested alpha otherwise they are invisible
    - add a check for empty guild name that can occur after even though IsInGuild returns true
    - Fix ticket: 246
    - more nil checks before assignments in AddPlayer, who wrote this shit?
    - check for our db namespace before trying to reference it in AddPlayer, otherwise we get errors on PLAYER_LOGOUT
    - SETGLOBAL arg1 seems like a great idea
Benjamin Staneck:
    - no need for the colon here
    - fix for ticket 229
    - Fix for ticket 243, looks like some refectoring missed soem values
    - added the 2 locale strings to english since it doesnt load them from locale system
    - Fixed a few leaked globals. added chat tab alpha settings. Cleaned up some copy data with leftover lines
    - Copy/Paste with realid text, will not replace real name with character name for pasting. also fixed the erronous tags in the data
    - Changed path to highlight texture to Interface\BUTTONS\CheckButtonGlow from BUTTONS\CheckButtonGlow as with just BUTTON\CheckButtonGlow it results in the GREEN texture showing on mop i.e. missing path
    - DRYCODE: fix for ticket #219