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    Aug 20, 2012
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.3.4


Sal Scotto:
    - Fixed loop counter for GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE, it includes yourself so you get an invalid unit during the loop
    - Fixes/updates for PlayerNames module: - Proper update for MoP, including registering for the events that actually fire in MoP, and using the actual MoP functions instead of aliasing them to old API function names or overwriting globals and breaking other addons. -_- - Updated to use the FillLocalizedClassList API instead of depending on redundant translations and... hooking UnitClass, wtf? - Removed some unused upvalues, renamed some upvalues to match actual usage, and cleaned up some of the massive amounts of clutter throughout the file.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Less global pollution
    - MoP API fix
    - preferredIndex 3 for the urlcopy dialog
Benjamin Staneck:
    - toc update for 4.3
Sal Scotto:
    - remove a hook that may have been causing a scroll issue, wasnt really needed

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