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    Jul 6, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.5


Sal Scotto:
    - Use PLAYER_LOGIN instead
    - Fix for slow loading times, we will now recheck fonts after player enter world
    - Set the right name so by default auto popout are disabled.
    - Updated Highlight module to check BN_WHSIPER BN_CONVERSATION
    Updated EditBox, to re-apply fonts when new media is registered incase the selected medi isnt available when the editbox module loads.
    - Fixed altnames
    - Added an option to the CopyChat module to show or hide hte copy icon. The Chattab menu item will be there irregardless of icon visiblity choice.
    - Make chat tabs blink, like they should when a new whisper comes in on a frame your not watching.
    - Added new module to turn on all edge resizing instead of jsut corner resizing.
    Added back inthe copy chat icon the corner.
    Scrolldown buton will now higlight if new text arrives while your scrolled up.
    - Modifed test for blizz timestamps in channel names, removed some wasted spaces in altnames, add a local to copy chat
    - Fix for channel names when blizz timestamps are enabled.
    - Added back in a local that got removed by mistake

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