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    Jul 2, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.5


Sal Scotto:
    - Make auto whisper windows, leave the initial whisper in the chat it came from.
    Also prevent the messages from being copied from multiple frames.
    remove a securehook that was not grabbed in last push
    - reset editbox mouse controls on activate/deactivate so top anchored edit box doesnt prevent tabs from being clicked when inactive, AND when active allow editing with the mouse postioning.
    - Fix wrong var being passed in, thanks Elkano
    - Fixed a leftover ChatFrameEditBox reference
    - Removed a hook to disable the mose in EditBoxPolish causing issues with mispelled
    - Added in Adrielles patch to save window positions, in the profile
    - Conditional check was backwards.

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