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    Jul 1, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.5


Sal Scotto:
    - Fix for alpha on undocked windows. Thanks Stan.
    - added a little mroe to the alpha setup parts
    - Make sure we loop all chatframe on an disable/enable call
    - Force the first editbox up 1 level to make it easier to move around.
    - EditBox added a test to make sure we dont create and oextra overlay on reload. URL copy added BN_CONVERSATION support.
    - Adjust tabs so they alpha to 0 when mouse leaves the area, thanks Phanx/Tekkub
    - Fixed url copy for realid whispers.
    - Added support to move the toast window offsets. Added support for channel names related to realId
    - Addind in the Bnet module would help. Also fixed bug about chat font erroring when a whisper window is opne while zoneing
    - Fixed issue of playnames not coloring in whisper windows. Also auto popout windows should copy the message that trigegred them into the new whisper window.
    - Fixed error when creating a realid conversation
    - RealID Polish module. When enabled will remove the RealID toast icon from the message
    Only verified for login/logoff
    - Added support to AutoPopout for RealId direct whispers
    - Fixed tabs not honoring hide tabs on reload

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