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  • 3.2.0


Erik Broes:
    - ChatLink: Fix problem with >1 achievement links in a custom channel.
    - ChannelNames: Add special tag that empties the channel name completely.
    - Highlight: Fix itemrefs being displayed correctly in SCT
    - PlayerNames: level colors by name if not colored (works icm with Blizz coloring)
    - ChatLink: Encode itemlinks in the new format (still supports the old one).
    - ChatLink: Add support for |Hglyph.
    - Update localization to use http://www.wowace.com/projects/chatter/localization/.
    - Updated enUS locale and cleaned up some minor things.
    - AltNames: Fix module when default brackets are removed (PlayerNames can do that).
    - AltNames: Add option to specify brackets around the name.
    - ChatLink: Support for |Htalent links.
    - Update string-extraction script.
    - PlayerNames: config for friend-saving.
    - PlayerNames + AltNames: Make name coloring compatible with Blizzards coloring.
    PlayerNames: Allow user to select separator between name and level.
Erik Broes:
    - Packager test
    - Updated GetDifficultyColor to GetQuestDifficultyColor.
    Bumped TOC.
Chris Heald:
    - Support !ClassColors - thanks to Stanzilla for the heads up on it.
Erik Broes:
    - Modules/Highlight: Fix for wrong arguments to chatfilters (drycoded, blame ulduar)
    - Modules/UrlCopy: Dropped 'select' from the filterfunc, should be a bit more efficient now.
    - Modules/Highlight:
    - Pass correct arguments to chatfilters (thanks SqueeG for reporting).
    - Don't allow creation of empty or all whitespace highlights.
Chris Heald:
    - Fix UrlCopy for 3.1. Bump TOC.
    - Fix the UrlCopy chat filter for 3.1. Drycode, will fix tomorrow if it's broken. Teepz, make me a sandwich.
    - AltNames:
    - Avoid a "You are not in a guild." error message for unguilded toons
    - Avoid toons being promoted/demoted past an "Alt" rank retaining unwanted notes (until next reload/relog)
    - Fix string.match error if something calls ChatFrame1:AddMessage(nil) before the GMOTD is found
    - - Load libs from toc and use no-lib-strip
    - fix .pkgmeta for LibBetterBlizzOptions
    - add LBBO to the list of loaded libs, yes it was not in there O.o
    - ignore Tests folder and localization script for zip creation
    - AltNames: Now has a (default on) option to look for character names in guildnotes. This happens automatically and there is no need to hit an "Import" button.
    There is also a (default on) option to use the entire note from "*alt*" rank characters if no proper name is found in their note.
    - 3.0.8 fix: No longer errors on "Set Main" (UIDROPDOWNMENU_INIT_MENU is now a frame ref, not a frame name)
    + Fill out already-existing main in dialog (if any)
    - deDE Update
Chris Heald:
    - HSV function fixed to produce more vibrant colors. Thanks sag_ich_nicht!
    - Add small non-configurable "DelayGMOTD" module: all it does is delay the first gmotd 2.5 seconds to make it show after all the addon / channel join spam
    - Fix ChannelNames so setting to blank really doesnt change it
    - koKR : add a new toggle /who saving feature translation
Chris Heald:
    - Add a toggle for saving all who data during a large /who
    - - Fix up the ChannelNames fixes so functions work properly again
    - Clean up the WHO_LIST_UPDATE change
    - Add achievement links to ChatLink
    - Localization/koKR.lua update koKR translations w/ r215 changes
    Modules/ChannelColors  : fix missing Raid & Battleground stuff
    Modules/ChannelNames   : fix "Raid Warning" & add koKR whisper handling
    Modules/PlayerNames    : fix shift+click in non enUS client
    Modules/StickyChannels : fix typo
    - PlayerNames loving:
    - Make it recognize death knights
    - Handle multi word races (e.g. "Night Elf") in chatframe /who responses
    - Automagic learning of localized classes (since there were lots of missing translations)
    - Change "exclude 70s" to "exclude 80s" (option renamed to "Exclude max levels")
    - Fix problems where saved characters were sometimes not getting updated. Most visible on single-line /who responses and/or when saving was turned off without purging the db.
    - Force URLCopy editbox to be maxLetters=1024 to avoid old editboxes with e.g. maxLetters=20 to be reused, resulting in randomly truncated URLs. Yeah, you've all seen them. >.<
    You could argue that this is a FrameXML bug.
Chris Heald:
    - Turn off SplitText until taint is resolved
    - Added SplitText module. Extends the chat edit box to 2048 max characters and splits messages on spaces and link boundaries, then sends messages in multiple pieces. No more frustration as pasting long blue quotes!
    - Update localization
    - Use LibBBO, move the toplevel modules to the addons list in the interface options, clean up some of the options' visual display a bit.
Erik Broes:
    - New module: Edit Box History; now retain your history through quits&reloads.
Chris Heald:
    - - Add URL matching unit test
Erik Broes:
    - Highlight now ignores messages normally filtered out.
    Overdue commit for Zeksie (sorry! ^^)
    - URLs with a '-' now get turned into proper links by UrlCopy.
    - Disabling ChatTabs - error fixed. Thanks to Stanzilla for reporting.
    - Fixed 'OnScroll' on the ChatTabs. Thanks to dodga for reporting.
    - Fixed broken Channel/Player chatlinks (caused by a missing |h)
    - Fix PlayerNames on /who with non [A-Za-z0-9] chars. %w is too restrictive.
    - - Fixed ChatTabs and enabled it again in modules.xml
    There is still a lingering issue described in ChatTabs.lua which needs further investigation.
    - Properly fix ChannelNames (the last fix left 'add space' broken.)
    - Fix PlayerNames for playerlinks without ':[0-9]+' in it.
    - Future proof FCF_Tab_OnClick fix.
    - - make /chatter work again (3.0.2 undocumented change)
    - Fix broken achievement notifications caused by a greedy pattern expansion
    - Fixed svn:externals and .pkgmeta library references.
Chris Heald:
    - - Update for 3.0.2
    - Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
    - Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
    - Chatter_ChatFont:
    - Reapply fonts when a new font is registered with SharedMedia-3.0. The font we use may be registered after we load.
    - added ruRU localization
    - Update zhCN locale
    - make SetMaxLines fall back to default max length
    - - Scrollback: Retain ChatFrame contents when changing MaxLines, credit goes to Sylvanaar for Prat's implementation
    - Timestamps: Workaround for Scrollback module - don't double up timestamps when restoring contents after SetMaxLines
    - PlayerNames: clean up leaked global
    - deDE Update
    - - Update locale koKR
    - -add hack to make EditBox module use the current font as the default instead of the default from LibSharedMedia-3.0 (Friz Quadrata TT doesn't have cyrillic symbols)
    - zhTW update
    - Fix missing locale strings
    - - Merge branch for Chat Tab hiding (God I hope this merge works :P)
    - Update zhCN locale
    - - Update locale koKR
    - - Add 1 miss string for translation
    - Update zhTW
    - zhCN update
    - sneak in some per frame options for the timestamp module
    - fix bug in AltNames where altname is not displayed for a player name link without a msgCount are not displayed, such as friend/guildie login messages
    - Update zhCN locale
    - ClickInvite: typofix
    - - Add Chat Font module call to SetFont() on PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD because the call in OnEnable() happens too early and ends up not taking effect over the chat-cache.txt values.
    - ClickInvite: utf8 playername bugfix from Elkano, drycoded
    - UrlCopy: bugfix
    - deDE Update
    - - Line 444 : UNKNOWN fix
    - Update locale frFR
    - - Update locale koKR
    - - update zhTW
    - - add more missing string
    - update zhTW
    - zhTW update
    - - L["Trade -"] add
    - Update locale koKR
    - - Update locale koKR
    - - Update locale koKR
    - - ClickInvite : custom invite locale fix
    - but if apply, initialize profile :)
    - Call :LibSharedMedia_Registered() on OnEnable, last two modules missing this call
    - I don't think you should commit conflict markers.
    - - Update zhCN locale
    - Let the BOM stay
    - ninja-commit Scrollback (SetMaxLines) module
    - -zhCN update and tuned
    - Fix player name formatting in outgoing messages
Chris Heald:
    - Only perform gsub if the given message is a string.
    - - Update locale koKR
    - Fixed an issue where player sent messages would get highlighted. Removed a duplicate variable.
    - Added complete deDE Translation and some missing Strings from AltNames/PlayerNames Modules to enUS File
    - Update zhCN locale
Chris Heald:
    - Set the EditBox parent frame strata to TOOLTIP. Prevents problems with the edit box being hidden behind other mods' frames.
    - -adjust zhCN locale to correct channel names
    -recheck a locale format to fit ace3 locale rules
Chris Heald:
    - Call :LibSharedMedia_Registered() on OnEnable. Not sure why it wasn't called in this module!
    - Fix mistaken table indexing
    - Lua is not Ruby.
    - Hook all frames for LinkHover, not just visible ones.
    - Don't try to get the guild roster if we aren't in a guild.
    - zhTW update
    - revert commit 72572 because MessageEventFilters don't even get called for COMBAT_LOG_EVENTs in COMBATLOG
Chris Heald:
    - - Disable UrlCopy parsing for COMBATLOG
Hendrk Leppkes:
    - ninja-commit a fix for PlayerNames module to stop hiding the guild control panel
    - PlayerNames module: Unbork emotes that include itemlinks.
    - - Telltarget: now works with targets not in the same area
Chris Heald:
    - Fix bad comparison. Thanks, Shot.
    - as should I.
    - next96, use luac -p please.
    - - Update locale koKR
    - Update locale frFR
    - - Highlight: don't highlight if message if from self
    - - Highlight: Option to Reroute whole message to SCT
    - PlayerNames: Option to emphasize own name in chat messages
    - revert 71924 which made the frame background appear in front of the chat text instead of behind it
    - ChatFrameBorders: SetFrameStrata("BACKGROUND") instead of "LOW"
    - Chatter :
    - Update locale frFR
    - UrlCopy: rewrite to use patterns that shouldn't pickup any false positives
    - zhTW update
Chris Heald:
    - Make highlight not highlight when the player says a highlight word.
    - zhTW update
Chris Heald:
    - Couple of bugfixes.
    - Chatter :
    - add some locale (module name)
    - Update locale koKR
    - Chatter :
    - Update locale koKR
    - man, you localizers are a hoot.
    - Chatter :
    - Add locale koKR
Chris Heald:
    - Fix a ChannelNames bug
    - Fix extra args to SetHyperlink.
    - Add an option to invite people by alt-clicking their names.
    - Fix a problem with channel names. Adds other server channel names.
    - Add missing localization
    - - Store and replace custom channel names by name rather than number. This will cause old custom channel names settings to poof, unfortunately. Spend 6.4 seconds and reset 'em.
    - Add a "add space after channel name" checkbox.
    - Add zhCN locale
Chris Heald:
    - Disable player link hovering. It doesn't work.
    - Add LinkHover module. Thanks Apoco!
Hendrk Leppkes:
    - add Antiarc's localization helper script
Chris Heald:
    - - Localize everything. Localizers, get to work! :P
    - Add "Chatter Settings" button to the chat frame context menu.
    - Allow user to set the edit box font face.
    - Fix "Report Spam" button
    - - Fix a couple of minor highlight bugs
    - Fix INV links in chat (like ChatIcons) provides
    - - Fixed button re-enabling
    - Added LibSink support to the Highlight module
    - Fix for problem on chat settings reset
    - - More URL pattern fixes
    - Rewrite a lot of the AltNames, ChannelNames, and PlayerNames parsing to be less prone to messing up when used together
    - Timestamps and channels chomp the appended space now by default. For timestamps, use a custom format with a space after it to regain the space, for channels just add a space after your channel alias.
    - Upvalue a lot of globals.
    - Change the URL patterns to something a bit more sane, I hope.
    - - Add tab completion to PlayerNames module. Tab completion will attempt to autocomplete the names of people in the channel you are typing in. For example, if you have "Joe" in your guild and "Jane" in custom channel "tabtest", and you type "j<tab>" in the tabtest channel, it will autocomplete to "Jane", because Joe isn't in that channel.
    - Fix font object justification mangling
    - Add ChatTabs module. Makes chat tabs minimalistic, adds scrollwheel-to-page-through-tabs functionality.
    - Error fix
    - - ChannelNames: Move loadstring hack to oninit
    - ChatFrameBorders: CombatLogFix = true for CF2 by default
    - PlayerNames: Option to color level by difficulty
    - Timestamp: Option to add/omit space after timestamp
    - I can't believe I'm committing this. loadstring channel names that begin with function(
    For example, to replace general with your current zone name, set general's channel name to:
    function(s) return "[" .. GetRealZoneText() .. "] " end
    - Add support for custom player name brackets
    - - Add whisper to highlight channels list
    - Add standard channels to ChannelColors
    - - Add descriptions/settings breaks in config
    - ChatScroll: Add option to set how many lines to scroll
    - Added channel highlighting for standard channels (guild, raid, etc etc)
    - Add a reset button for the class/level saved data.
    - - PlayerNames: Add options to save data per-source (guild, group, target/mouseover, who)
    - Fix coloring in /who queries
    - Get level from friend list/guild info
    - - Add Alt Linking option to set the alt name's color
    - ChannelNames: Allow blank channel names. Set name to a space for it to take effect.
    - Added a custom-modifiable invite trigger list
    - EditBox: Added a switch to turn the alt key cursor movement modifier on and off
    - - Postpend player name in brackets
    - Color alt names by the settings in the Player Names module.
    - Make /chatter open to the standalone config by default if not InterfaceOptionsFrame:IsResizable()
    - Make highlight respond to channel join changes
    - Fix for edit box - floating/locked attach mode.
    - Add a description to the Alt Linking module
    - - Add Channel Colors. Will let you edit channel colors, and remembers channel colors by name.
    - Added an option to the Edit Box module to let you switch the border color to match the channel you are typing in.
    - Fix a small bug in player -> color calculations
    - Adds an option to PlayerNames to color player names by feeding their name through an HSV color creation formula. Provides "Taste The Naimbow" style functionality.
    - Add GroupSay (/gr) module.
    - Fix TellTarget. Again.
    - Just put the reminder button in the upper right. Never off the screen that way!
    - - Make reminder buttons behave sanely when placed near the edge of the window
    - Provide outline options for chat window fonts
    - Fix buttons init problem
    - Set default DB profile to "Default". Seems most settings should be shared.
    - Fix TellTarget.
    - - Add option to exclude player level from level 70s
    - Add option to turn off class coloring without disabling the module
    - - Fix a /tt re-registration error
    - Add an option to show the scroll-down button if you aren't at the bottom of the frame.
    - Fix for levels and RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE
    - - Fix CopyChat buttons not showing on hover for some people
    - Add an option for timestamps to be colored after their owner channel
    - Fix an error when moving the edit box freely
    - Add the ability to put player levels next to their names
    - - Fix highlight player name population
    - Add a toggle for PlayerNames to choose whether or not to persist class data between sessions
    - - Allow nilling of alt names
    - Fix some errant chat links
    - Fix player names, hopefully make them locale-independent
    - Change DB in TOC
    - Rename Chatterbox -> Chatter to fix a naming conflict. Breaks saved vars due to the name change. Sorry :(
    - Remove scary outdated message from module info.
    - - Change targettell to a non-securehook method. No more performance problems.
    - Reinstant /tt as a default module
    - Add a custom timestamp formatting field. Lets you specify your choice of brackets too!
    - Add sound previews to custom channel sounds.
    - Add sounds when a message is said in a specific channel to the Highlight module.
    - - Turn Telltarget off by default, as it can cause extreme overhead with combat macros due to the required securehook
    - Fix an AltNames bug
    - Add an H:M:S (12 hour) format to timestamps
    - Do some more typechecking to prevent errors
    - - Add TinyChat module - lets you make frames much smaller or larger than usual.
    - Made CopyChat icons only show on frame hover
    - Add alt name linking. Booyah.
    - Add Chat AutoLog module. Disabled by default.
    - Debug code = cruise control for awesome
    - Fix profile changes/copies/resets
    - Change default timestamp to be both less confusing and less useful.
    - - Nilling a channel name now returns it to default
    - Set a frame level on the background panes to deal with errant chat frames
    - - Add format and color selection to timestamps
    - Add text justification module
    - Protect a few potential nil indexing errors
    - - Make CopyChat respect enable/disable
    - Make the editbox freely movable
    - Fix incorrect comment on fading module.
    - - Allow renaming of standard channels
    - Fix upper anchors for non-combatlog chatframeborders
    - - Add a Chat Fading module.
    - More friendly module names.
    - Short-circuit on other nils, too.
    - Short-circuit ChatLink parses on no text.
    - Add a standalone config button for people without BetterBlizzOptions or equivalent installed.
    - Add a highlight module. Currently only supports alerting via sound.
    - And fixed!
    - Telltarget is tainting; disable until fixed.
    - OpDep LSM-3.0
    - Mixin AceEvent into the module.
    - Register so we update custom channel names when a new one is joined
    - PlayerNames DB, global -> realm
    - - Added ClickInvite and TellTarget modules.
    - Added an :Info method to modules to return...info about the module.
    - Give StickyChannels config options so you can choose which channels to stick
    - Add a timestamp module
    - Add a "Combat Log Fix" toggle for ChatFrameBorders so you can get a nice border on the combat log.
    - Fix for frame border strata
    - Initial commit. Ace3 Prat replacement. Very lightweight - no excess RAM or CPU usage Fully configurable. Try it out.

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