Allow user-specified conditions for custom buffs #27

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  • _ForgeUser405586 created this issue May 16, 2009

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    Hi - Great addon, although I have a feature request.

    I'd like the ability to specify a custom buff that is only "expected" when the raid contains someone matching a specified class/spec/race pattern (eg. Paladin Concentration Aura, Draenei Heroic Presence, Elemental Shaman Totem of Wrath, Death Knight Horn of Winter), but not have those clutter things up when those members are missing (esp when soloing).

    One possibility is to augment the fully free-form custom buff entry with a list of known aura-style buffs (including all those I've listed above), each with built-in checks for whether it might be available.

    Alternatively, you could add an additional clause to the custom buff entry which is something like:
      "Only when the raid contains a " <person>
    Where <person> is a drop-down list that contains each of the races, as well as each class and each class+spec combo, eg:

    Night Elf
    Shaman (any spec)
    Shaman - Elemental
    Shaman - Restoration
    Shaman - Enhancement
    Death Knight (any spec)

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  • _ForgeUser405586 posted a comment Jul 14, 2009

    As a possible further sophistication of this idea, it would be nice if the user could teach BuffEnough to recognize equivalent or non-stacking buffs (or even better yet if it there was an option to recognize known equivalences) and treat them as "buff enough".

    For example, don't complain about a missing Horn of Winter when the equivalent Strength of Earth Totem is up, don't complain about a missing Flametongue Totem when it has been overwritten by a stronger Totem of Wrath or Demonic Pact, don't report a missing Blood Pact when Commanding Shout has overwritten it, treat Blessing of Wisdom as equivalent to Mana Spring, etc etc etc.

    This "treat similar non-stacking buffs as equivalent" behavior should probably be optional (as some people may want the old, exact behavior, esp wrt totems).

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