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    Jul 11, 2010
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Supported Game Versions

  • 3.3.5


Christoph Gritschenberger:
    - add fallback if the itemlink returns no quality color
    - add logging-code
    - properly embed AceTimer-3.0
    - fix error when loot is canceled by the timer
    - do not use metatable for currentLoots (fixes timer-issues)
    - fix debug-stuff to work with addonloader
    - cancel the expriation-timer silently
    - use group-iterator in broker too
    - show date in loothistory
    - Set winner to none if every partymember passed (and no ALL_PASSED-msg occured)
    - If there is no winner after 3 minutes, assume the winner is UNKNOWN
    - add hint to the config to the tooltip
    - add config
    - actually respect the max-history-setting
    - add option for qualitythreshold
    - save LootHistory between sessions (per character)
    - add separators and description to tooltip
    - only clear history when the shiftkey is down
    - limit history to 10 entries (purge old entries)
    - display most recent loot on top of the history
    - disregard Realm as a whole as the Chatlog does too.
    - properly handle partymembers from other realms
    - fix drycode mess
    - do not insert Debug-samples when loading the addon
    - rewrite tooltip-updating-code. Loothistory is now displayed in a reasonable order
    - add fancy debug-code
    - parse rolls won by the player correctly
    - only count active loot-rolls for the text
    - add click-action: clears the history
    - do not delete a loot-roll after it has been finished, but rather show the winner
    - AddonLoader support
    - rewrite parsing code to be more readable.
    Also do not delete anythign when LOOT_ROOL_CANCELED occurs
    - move to LibDeformat-3.0
    - cleanup
    - add LibStub to .pkgmeta
    - make debug-function only print stuff in scm-checkouts
    - fix optdeps
    - bump .toc to 30300
    - fix disenchant-rolls to really work now
    - fix .pkgmeta
    - make debug-function @debug@ again
    - add support for disenchant-rolls (drycoded)
    - Fix tooltip problems with some LDB dispaly addons

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