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James D. Callahan III:
    - Added support for showing and hiding all cooldowns per-character in the tooltip.
    - Tightened cell margins in tooltip.
    - Changed tooltip text color for cooldowns and skill names. Colorize character names by class.
    - Added support for turning off the Primary Skills display in the tooltip. Because of the super-awesome way the DB is currently set up, this will default to off for anyone currently using the AddOn. Yay!
    - Replaced localization phrase "Ready" with READY from GlobalStrings. Removed a few other unused phrases.
    - More tooltip layout improvements. Only show primary and secondary skills if the character has them.
    - Removed "Cooldowns :" phrase and the Orange and White functions.
    - Changed look of tooltip; no longer garishly-colored and has separators instead of whitespace between sections. Replaced "Cooldowns :" phrase with TIME_REMAINING, and changed cooldown text from red to being colored on a gradient based on time left.
    - Green is now longer annoyingly bright.
    - Tooltip_AddProfessionLine now uses a color gradient for current skill level, and is less obnoxious codewise and displaywise.
    - Changed PercentColorText() to colorize as a gradient between red and green instead of red/orange/yellow/green every 25%.
    - Stop being schizophrenic; replaced most occurrences of "addon" with "BTC" and others with "private". Nuked some unused functions and performed minor cleanup.
    - Yanked most of the Debug prints, and made the Debug config option for repository-only versions.
    - Moved addonversion to Constants.lua as private.ADDON_VERSION
    - Replaced BTC.me with private.PLAYER_NAME
    - Moved ADDON_NAME_SHORT to Constants.lua
    - Yanked all the DB migration code.
    - Added hint text to the tooltip. Nuked a BUNCH of localization phrases in the process. No idea why most of them were there. Pure win.
    - Spell IDs are stored as numbers, not strings. Also, update the tooltip without hiding it.
    - More simplification, and prevent a nil error.
    - Replace localization of "Elements" with STRING_SCHOOL_ELEMENTAL.
    - Completely rewrote tooltip-handling code. No more throwaway tables in loops, much simplified, and you can now click on a profession in the tooltip to open its window (if applicable; Fishing will try to cast!).
    - Added Sha Crystal.
    - Syntactic cleanup of BTC_MouseHandler - I need to study DrawTooltip to figure out WTF is going on with this function…
    - Semicolons, begone!
    - Normalized all localizations. Added esES, esMX, itIT, and ptBR.
    - Reworked BTC_checkSkills() - renamed to UpdateSkills(), declared as local, and removed needless table creation.
    - CLEU rewrite. No idea how it even worked before.
    - Cleaned up TradeSkill scanning code; save and restore filter states, don't create needless tables, handle subheaders now, and overall simplification.
    - Reworked PercentColorText.
    - Refactored BTC_prettyTime and declared it as local.
    - Renamed CooldownSpellList to COOLDOWN_SPELL_MAP and moved it to the Constants section.
    - Cleanup Print and Debug.
    - Move some things around, add section comments.
    - Reformatting.
    - First thing's first: Make it so I don't have to download the damn AddOn to have localized strings.
    - clean up Tailoring list - Dream of Destruction has no cooldown.
    - fix several of the more egregious setglobals
    - fix up locales so they actually, you know, work.
    - Bumpity bump.
    - Ooops.
    - Added all (?) Mists of Pandaria cooldowns Bumped .toc, everything else seems to work fine
    - Updated ToC version to 40200
    - BTC :  - fixed having to reopen skill window (ticket 48)
    - BTC :  - um, I mean, now I've saved my file and pushed changes
    - BTC :  - Force clear of cooldowns to clear possible corruption.  - I think I finally got a fix in for ticket 45. ]  - Fix for ticket 47 (typo)
    - BTC :  - another attempt to fix ticket 45
    - - working on ticket 45 and 47
    - - another damn typo
    - - added more debug for ticket 45
    - I guess you misstyped here.
    - - Bump TOC - Added LibDBIcon (Ticket 42) - Fixed finding Guild professions (Bug 44) - Added Forged Documents (Bug 43) - Added showing counter on display bar (ticket 16) - using color code basedf on Ticket 20 - add showing any toon's CDs on display bar (ticket 24)
    - - added Fire Prism, fixed a few dreamcloth entries, new gems - added truegold and pyrium bar, volatile element transmutes
    - - fixed empty skill bug
    - - "hide" cooldown working - character data purge working - general cleanup. ready for release
    - - TOC bump - removed weapon skills - updated scanning method for new API (thanks Torhal) - got rid of unused options, structures, etc
    - - fix dumb mistake in options table
    - - removed tainted call - updated messages - added help
    - - another attempt at proper cooldown cast detection
    - - Bumped TOC for 30300 and added in X-Compatible-With 40000 - Added Glacial Bag and several Cata cloth CDs - Removing stuff noone cares about (armor,language,class) - lots of code cleanup - Added Epic Gem Transmutes - Properly detect new cooldown - Properly update LDB text - Removed cooldowns that were removed from game up to 3.3.3
    - Removed cooldowns that were removed from game up to 3.3.3
    - BTC :  - updated translator credits, thanks!
    - BTC  - Updated TOC  - minor change to fix embeds syntax
    - BTC:  - fixed improperly embedded libqtip
    - - toc bump for 3.1  - fixed libqtip embed  - fixed optdep for running disembedded
    - - added remove from SV for cooldowns no longer present in game
    - - added credits for zhTW and deDE contributions
    - - removed cooldowns removed from game  - added check for invalid spelllink
    - add deDE skeleton and fix a minor typo in the changlogs
    - - added same-key-is-true
    - - fix localization stupidity
    - - switch over to wowace localization
    - test localization push
    - test localization push
    - test localization push
    - test localization push
    - test localization push
    - test localization push
    - test localization push
    - test localization push
    - - re-included koKR (thanks amunra, 7destiny)
    - - doc push fix
    - - doc push
    - - added koKR (thanks amunra)
    - - forgot locale entry for Guns
    - - updated pkgmeta to use "latest" tags - added "Guns" to weapon skills
    - - updated qtip embed
    - - added in showing a cooldown on the text field
    - - added ruRU (thanks xska!)
    - - added zhTW (thanks NightOw1), added frFR (thanks whynona2) - removed stupid Ace3 loadline - added Smelt Titansteel - footer line added and colspan'd
    - -- added zhCN (thanks tnt2ray)
    - - another EnableMouse() omission
    - - changed to data source
    - - persist tooltip on mousein - added addonloader support
    - - fixed embeds - fixed skill scanning on initial load
    - - embeds fixes
    - - added spellweave/moonshroud/ebonweave - added northrend alchemy research - added northrend inscription research
    - - Added Northrend Alchemy Research
    - - fixed stupid bug
    - - added current level coloring - added aceconfig reference
    - fixed embeds.xml for libqtip
    - - IsTradeSkillLinked code (check to see if the tradeskill open is our own or someone elses)  - Allow the skills listed to update  - added languages and weapons  - added db_upgrade  - added event for skillups  - added libtooltip  - added tipscale option
    - BTC :  - couple small fixes
    - BTC :  - forgot to embed ldb. ahem
    - BTC :  - added in missing cooldowns  - added detection of cast spells  - fixed Locale
    - BTC: - attempt at grouping related transmutes
    - BTC:  - fixed stupid locale thing
    - BTC : - initial revision
    - "broker-tradecooldowns/mainline: Initial Import"

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