Frostwall Tavern incorrectly displaying when "hide buildings w/o work orders" is checked. #85

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  • _ForgeUser18593036 created this issue Mar 6, 2015

    Please see screenshot for description of problem. It is the only building I have that is displayed while having no shipments.

    I understand that maybe you have it displayed anyway because of the green check mark, indicating that I already did my tavern recruit for the week, but please - I don't want to have to see that all week, just because of that. An option to just filter out buildings altogether would be even better, since I don't waste time in the mines anymore and will discontinue work orders after I've run out of draenic stones.

    As I get more alts, the tooltip gets longer and longer - and it helps to be able to streamline it to just see the buildings that I want to see, and disable buildings that have no pertinent hour-by-hour information to be aware of.

    Thank you for your consideration and for the great addon!

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    <p>Please see frostwall tavern line (and mines/herb garden).</p>

  • _ForgeUser18593036 edited description Mar 6, 2015

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