In 7.3, GetCurrencyInfo(Garrison.GARRISON_CURRENCY_ARTIFACT_KNOWLEDGE) is no longer updated #148

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  • bsmorgan created this issue Sep 16, 2017

    The library LibArtifactData-1.0 can be used instead. Change event.lua line 988 to:

    --    local _, amountArtifactKnowledge, _ = GetCurrencyInfo(Garrison.GARRISON_CURRENCY_ARTIFACT_KNOWLEDGE);
    -- In 7.3 Currency is no longer valid as Artifact Knowledge is now system-wide
        local LAD = LibStub("LibArtifactData-1.0")
        local amountArtifactKnowledge, knowledgeMultiplier = LAD:GetArtifactKnowledge()

    and add LibArtifactData-1.0 to the TOC and .pkgmeta as described in


    Instead of expanding the table Garrison.ARTIFACT_KNOWLEDGE to contain the new multipliers, LAD:GetArtifactKnowledge() returns that value directly (as shown above) and the table and lookup could be eliminated.


  • bsmorgan added the tags Defect Patch Sep 16, 2017

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