Enhancement Req: Option to hide Order Hall talents #139

  • Carnitaas created this issue Jan 15, 2017

    I have 12 L110 characters, and the databroker display doesn't fit on my screen. I don't care which Order Hall "talents" my characters have. Can we get an option to hide all OH talents, or (even better) hide all OH talents that aren't currently being researched?

  • the_incredulous_bulk posted a comment Mar 31, 2017

    Hey there, not sure I could explain in any coherent manner why but here's the way to achieve what you want I think.. (unfortunately it will also disable currently researching.. sorry, perhaps an official 'fix' will not be as harsh);


    in config.lua after line 1412 insert;


    -- start

                                HideTalents = {
                                    order = 90,
                                    type = "toggle",
                                    width = "full",
                                    name = L["Hide Order Hall Talents"],
                                    desc = L["Hide Order Hall Talents"],
                                    get = function() return configDb.general.orderhall.HideTalents end,
                                    set = function(_,v) configDb.general.orderhall.HideTalents = v

    -- end


    in tooltipOrderhall.lua after line 134 insert


    -- start

                            if configDb.general.orderhall.HideTalents then
                                --debugPrint("Hidden Talents")

    -- end


    in the same file scroll down until you find the following nine(?) 'end' statements and insert/prefix/suffix one more so there is ten.


    Then lastly for your language add the locale entry to the end of your relevant file, here's teh enUS.lua;


    -- start

    L["Hide Order Hall Talents"] = true

    -- end


    That should be it..


    All appears to work with my setup, I hope yours does too.



    Edited Mar 31, 2017
  • Carnitaas posted a comment Apr 1, 2017

     I made the edits. Now some but not all order hall talents still show up-- usually one row per character. Super weird. Still a much better use of space than before, though.


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