Repeated missions do not update completion time #136

  • Defect
  • mikiurban created this issue Dec 13, 2016

    if you log out with a mission in progress, then finish it and restart the same mission somewhere else (like a 2nd computer or the WoW Legion app) the addon will not rescan the completion time when you log in.   It will say "Complete" until the 2nd one finishes.  This only happens when you have a lowbie alt that only gets the same 3 XP and AP missions over and over.

  • mikiurban added a tag Defect Dec 13, 2016
  • Hollo6 posted a comment May 31, 2017

    comment lines 1293, 1294 and 1315 in core.lua :

            --if not[charInfo.realmName][charInfo.playerName].missions[garrisonMission.missionID]
            --        or[charInfo.realmName][charInfo.playerName].missions[garrisonMission.missionID].start == -1 then



    Edited May 31, 2017

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